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About Yanwen

Large Chinese corporation Yanwen Express specializes in express delivery (particularly international delivery) and offers a comprehensive spectrum of logistics services. The business started operating in 1998. Beijing is home to the main office. In 50 Chinese cities, Yanwen Express has representation offices.

Leading e-commerce transportation solution provider YANWEN tracking english integrates their specialized, safe, efficient, and quick services to merchants with a qualified staff and a cost-benefit service approach.

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YANWEN express, YANWEN line, agents DHL, TNT, and UPS express solutions in China and Hong Kong, together with registered mail in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Because Yanwen offers the best logistical options, Chinese merchants frequently favor using this courier since it has been around since 1998. Additionally, Yanwen completes the deliveries thanks to collaborations with numerous well-known worldwide postal and courier services.

Yanwen Tracking

You can utilize Yanwen tracking USA to follow your order using the Yanwen tracking information they gave you via email address when a package ordered from China departs and arrives in North America, Europe, or another destination.

Yanwen Tracking
Yanwen Tracking

Because Yanwen tracking numbers can occasionally change, many customers choose to track their Yanwen packages via their official site. Because they take into consideration the Yanwen tracking number factors, they can still follow packages who’s initial Yanwen tracking number has changed.

All the way from the merchant, through intermediary sorting facilities, and to your home or post office, packages dispatched by YANWEN Express are easily traceable.

Alternatively, to using 1trackings.com, a worldwide, multi-courier tracking solution that provides true end-to-end tracking, you can follow Yanwen parcels through the Yanwen tracking Canada website. It is advised to use this website while shipping with Yanwen because packages are frequently transferred to other couriers when they arrive, like as in North America or Europe.

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No matter who takes over processing your package in the target country, our website will still let you track your amazon orders using yanwen tracking amazon. It was created by a cutting-edge design team, and it is not only free but also tracks thousands of different retailers throughout the world and hundreds of different courier

Yanwen Customer Service

Yanwen staff is ready to accommodate their customers anytime, you just need to drop a message or contact them at their phone number or email address.

Customer service can be reached at the following contact number and email address:

Phone Number: 4001085656

Email Address: [email protected]


How long does Yanwen deliver to the USA?

International shipping typically takes two to three weeks. Based on whether the shipment is being sent via regular mail, air express cargo, air freight, or sea freight, the average delivery time to the USA is between 16 and 35 days.

How can I contact Yanwen customer service?

If you are calling from outside of China, you can reach Yanwen customer support at + 86 755 8251 2889 with any questions you may have regarding your package. In China, the national service telephone number is 400-108-5656.