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Do you have a shipment with West Malaysia? Enter the West Malaysia tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About GDEX West Malaysia

Express delivery service provider GDEX west Malaysia was established in 1997 to serve both the local and global markets. Over 400 vehicles and vans make up GDEX west Malaysia’s “line-haul fleet,” which is responsible for transporting packages and documents between locations and the Regional Hub.

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The firm’s express courier service operates according to the “Hub and Spoke” model, in which parcels from various locations are gathered and transported by vehicles to a Central Clearing Hub, where they are sorted and then sent on to their final destinations.

West Malaysia Tracking

Technology development is essential to the survival of the business. The expansion of the company’s offerings has made courier service more available to millions of previously unreached customers.

The company’s rapid response and professional service are a direct result of the cutting-edge technology it employs. The business is currently exploring new avenues for innovation by making use of available technological tools.

West Malaysia Tracking
West Malaysia Tracking

GDEX west Malaysia’s  tracking system allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your packages at any time. Please enter the consignment note number here to see the progress of your shipment.

The website makes it easy to find out how much delivery will cost by providing clear organization and navigation you just have to enter West Malaysia tracking number. If a customer needs to check on the status of their cargo via GDEX, they can do so easily.

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What is the Gdex West Malaysia network?

Across both East and West Malaysia, Gdex west Malaysia operates a total of 136 stations, including 59 branches, 2 affiliate stations, 52 agents, and 23 lodge-in centres.