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Do you have a shipment with UPAA? Enter the UPAA tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About UPAA Global

If your package’s tracking number starts with UPAA, for example, UPAAB000000234225695, then it was shipped via the Global Shipping Program and you may monitor its progress to your front door. eBay was launched in 1995 and is one of the earliest online marketplaces. It has evolved into a global e-commerce platform that brings together buyers and sellers of all kinds of goods.

Online shoppers can feel secure purchasing from either private individuals or established organizations because of eBay’s well-known feedback and rating system. In addition to being one of the first online marketplaces, the site pioneered features like silent auctions, where buyers and sellers do not interact throughout the buying and selling process.

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With the new maximum price option, consumers can now sit back and let eBay do the bidding for them up to a certain point. This ensures the lowest possible price for the product and prevents the buyer from overspending.

UPAA Tracking

If you enter the UPAA tracking number in the search bar, our system will monitor your shipment, examine all applicable carriers, and display the package’s current location. The official 1trackings.com website is another option.

UPAA Tracking
UPAA Tracking

Enter the UPAA Global Parcel tracking number and click the Track button for the quickest and easiest tracking of your package. The receipt you receive after booking a courier service will include your UPAA Global Parcel tracking number. You can see where your package is at any given time by visiting the UPAA Global Parcel tracking page after clicking the “track” button.

Both domestic and foreign UPAA Global Parcel services are supported. Separate multiple UPAA Global Parcel tracking numbers with a comma for easier tracking (Up to 25 shipments).

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The status of your UPAA Global Parcel will be updated here in real-time. To get in touch with the official UPAA Global Parcel customer service team for assistance, click here.

UPAA Customer Service

Customer Support Phone number: 1800 209 3229

Helping Times: 10 AM to 6 PM IST – 7 days a week


What carrier does eBay global shipping use?

eBay’s Global Tracking UPAA program exclusively employs the US Postal Service’s Priority Mail International service for outbound shipments originating in the United States. This is quick, and it even comes with monitoring, but it will set you back a minimum of $24. For tiny and lightweight items, sellers may be able to ship them themselves at significant savings.

Does eBay send the tracking number to the buyer?

You and the purchaser will each receive an email. The buyer will be able to ask eBay to step in during that 24 hours if they still haven’t gotten the goods. You can save time and money by purchasing and printing shipping labels on eBay, where the order tracking number is submitted instantly.

How Quick Is eBay’s International Shipping?

Economy International Shipping will be delivered in 48 days. Standard International Shipping time is 31 days. International Express Shipping Time is 7 days