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Are you curious to find out about your order status from UDS? Enter the UDS tracking number to check current status of your shipment. 

About UDS

United Cargo Delivery Service Incorporating regional parcel carriers into your transportation management system and Uds shipping strategy can provide significant benefits to your business.

Improves the Quality of Life for the Customer. At UDS, you’ll always get in touch with a real person, not a bot. Using their problem-tracking software, UDS’s customer support agents can help you solve your problem. Because many regional parcel carriers offer ground shipping with a wide next-day service area, we can deliver sooner than national carriers and provide the shipper with great overall transit time. UDS promises overnight delivery!

Uds Tracking
Uds Tracking

Customized proprietary technology created just for our clientele. Using tools like geocodes, GPS, mapping APIs, and other tools developed in-house, we can provide real-time package tracking.

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UDS Tracking

We rapidly learned that many of our residential and commercial clients need service outside of the immediate area, and so we implemented the UDS track to meet their needs. To better serve our customers across the Midwest, we have introduced three new services: On Request, Routing Allocation, and Tailored Routes.

UDS offers savings, flexibility, and individualized care for its customers that other national carriers can’t match because it operates out of the Midwest. We can also work with you to find unique solutions for areas outside of our typical service radius.

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Here at United Delivery Services, you may enter your tracking number to see exactly where your package is at any given time. Most packages just have milestone monitoring, so even if it seems like nothing is happening, it probably is.

  • Please visit uniteddeliveryservice.com to check on the status of your shipment.
  • Our website, onetracking.com, also allows you to monitor this.
  • Submit a barcode or Tracking Number.
  • No more than 35 characters.
  • Your order status will be monitored.

Service Locations of UDS

Our United Delivery Service programs have evolved over many years to meet a wide variety of shipping requirements, and we offer our services in a wide variety of service areas. United Delivery Service was founded in the Chicago metropolitan area more than fifty years ago.

Facility supporting all our services, including sorting, next-day and same-day delivery, routing, and delivery duty, is located in Lombard, Waukegan, Aurora, Fort Wayne, Griffith, Peru, Bloomington, Green Bay, Schiller Park, Oakbrook, Machesney Park, Madison, and Milwaukee.


When will the order arrive?

During regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (occasionally later), packages are delivered to both residential and commercial locations.  The occasional weekend package delivery is also a possibility.

Can the delivery day or time be changed?

The Merchant decides on the delivery schedule, and UDS has no say in the matter.

After I place an order, can I change or cancel it?

No, if you wish to cancel an order after it has already been placed, you must contact the Merchant directly.