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About Total Courier & Cargo Services

In 2007, total couriers started their journey in the express industry. If you have an international consignment, then Total Courier is the one to reach out to and place your order with as they have one of the fastest doors to door delivery system.

Amongst other international competitors, Total Courier and Cargo Services has outperformed themselves by providing not only timely but quality services thus, providing customer satisfaction.

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Moreover, total courier and cargo services aims to provide one of the best services amongst their international competitors to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) at prices they can easily afford. Since small and medium enterprises usually have a limited budget, Total courier makes sure to provide them services keeping in mind their budget without creating a hole in their pocket.

Total Tracking

Furthermore, they even have a trained staff that is skilled and have expertise in what they do. So once they have received your package for delivery, they ensure that they treat it like their own and take full responsibility to deliver it safely.

Their staff believes that customer satisfaction is utmost important therefore, they try to assist customers in every possible way. No matter what the destination of your package is, their team will deliver it with care.

Through the wide range of services and offerings of Total Courier and Cargo Services they want to ensure that they meet all the needs of their customers and add value to their businesses.

Total Courier Services

Total Courier and Cargo Services provides a wide range of services to meet the varying needs of their customers and their businesses. As a freight forwarding service which also works internationally Total courier provides services keeping in mind the different pocket sizes of their customers.

Through their international courier services, they can transport any type of package which is as important as your business documents. They ensure complete security of your package and take care all of standard operating protocols for international deliveries.

Through their air freight and sea freight services they provide door to door as well as airport/ sea port to door and vice versa services. It is mainly for the purpose of shipping heavy goods. No matter the size of the parcel or the shape, Total courier will ensure it is delivered to your desired location.

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Along with transport services, Total courier and cargo services provides customs clearance as well and takes care of all the imports and exports. They ensure that if you are importing something then it is cleared through customs and delivered to your doorstep. Similarly, if you are exporting something then they also ensure that the delivery is cleared through the customs of that country without any hassle.

The only thing that you must do to avail these services is to book virtually and it will be delivered to any destination whether it is somewhere nationally or internationally.


For the feasibility of their customers and to gain a wider audience, total courier and cargo services provides multiple offers to their customers. Through these offers customers can get more services at a cheaper price. In this way it fits their budget, and they get more in less.

Total Transport Tracking

No matter how good quality services or timely services a company provides, in the end it all comes down to tracking service of a company. For customers, tracking service is of utmost importance as it defines their entire experience.

Total tracking service can be availed by customers the minute they confirm their package with the total courier and cargo services. There are two ways through which a package can be tracked: it can either be tracked using an AWB number or reference number.

A customer is provided with an AWB number or reference number at the time they book their package with the company. A receipt is generated for the customer that consists of payment details, billing and shipping address, and AWB number and reference number for the purpose of tracking.

By going to ‘track your shipment’ tab on their website you can enter one of the two numbers (AWB or reference number) and click on ‘track’. Once you do that you will get all the details regarding your package.

You get to know the tentative date and time at which your package will be delivered. This makes it easy for you as a recipient to be prepared and make all the necessary arrangements required in order to receive your package.

Moreover, through total transport tracking service you can also get to know your order history. This tells you where in the delivery process your package is currently in. it also tells the date and time at which your parcel was at different locations from warehouse to destination.

This detailed itinerary of your package makes it feasible for you in a way that you get informed beforehand if your package is running late. In this way you will not worry about it at the end moment.

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They also ship containers from one place to another and they provide tracking for their containers shipment as well.

The entire total quality logistics tracking plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction because it gives customers a peace of mind and prevents them from unnecessarily worrying about their package. It also ensures the customers that their package has not gone missing and is currently in the delivery process.

Moreover, total tracking provides customers with transparency as nothing is hidden from them and they can watch their package going through different stages of delivery. They also have control over the entire delivery process as they are aware of each and everything that is going on.

TCCS Customer Service

Total courier and cargo service’s utmost priority is to provide customers with a good experience and facilitate them in every possible way and they also provide total terminal tracking for the ease of their customers.

They have multiple offices in multiple cities that you can contact and get all your queries answered and messages delivered. They make sure that they get back to their customers within 24 hours. You can use the following numbers and addresses to reach out to them


Gala No. 11, Bldg No.2
Sona Udyog Industrial Estate,
Parsi Panchayat Road,
Andheri(E), Mumbai 400 069

+91-22-6671 2097/99/2298
 [email protected]


102, Siddhivinay Kesar,
431 Somwar Peth,
Near Zilla Parishad,
Station Road, Pune 411 011.

+91 93701 11222 / +91 20 4126 0012
[email protected]


Block K2, House No 810,
Near By Maruti Service Centre,
Delhi 110037

+91 99229 07907

 [email protected]

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