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Do you have a shipment with SurePost? Enter the SurePost tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About SurePost

UPS SurePost is a low-cost, domestic, ground shipping option provided by UPS. Sure Post combines the dependability of UPS Ground with the standard USPS ultimate delivery. Mail Delivery. To rephrase, SurePost combines the best features of both UPS and USPS. The maximum combined length, width, and height of packages sent with SurePost are 130 inches. 

If you choose SurePost as your shipper, your package will first travel across the country using UPS Ground before entering the United States. Mail for the last mile. In light of this, UPS claims that this is a more cost-effective alternative to a ground shipment that still meets all of your needs. The parcel is not dropped off by SurePost, but rather by a US Postal Service mail carrier.

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This SurePost service is not the best option for everyone, but it can be a decent compromise for a customer who is concerned primarily with cost and not urgency. This is a preferred method of delivery for many online retailers because of the consistent and low cost it provides. 

SurePost Tracking USPS

UPS provides its customers with a tracking number so they can monitor the status of their packages. You should always get a UPS SurePost tracking number whenever you mail something, whether you brought shipping services with you or the seller is using UPS to ship your item. If you haven’t received your tracking number through email or directly from the sender, it’s important to follow up and request it.

surepost tracking
SurePost Tracking

The standard format for a surepost tracking number for packages sent within the United States is a string of 18 characters consisting of letters and digits. Surepost UPS Tracking Numbers may occasionally begin with 1Z and conclude in a string of numbers.

The built-in auto-detection mechanism at Surepost identifies carriers when a tracking number is entered, no matter where in the world the package is being shipped from.

With the globe becoming more interconnected, universal multi-courier monitoring systems are becoming more and more important, and surepost is at the forefront of this movement with its cutting-edge, AI-powered, end-to-end tracking services.

Orders sent using Surepost can be tracked at; all you need is your tracking number.

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SurePost Customer Service

To get in touch with Surepost’s support team, all you need to do is sign up for an account or enter your existing account details. To proceed as a guest is an alternative.

Phone number: 1-888-742-5877



What is SurePost USPS?

SurePost is a low-cost, residential ground service ideal for sending tiny, lightweight B2C packages. Steadily for the past logistics are handled by a system that integrates UPS ground vehicles and terminals with the local postal network of the US Postal Service.

What is UPS SurePost Delivery Times?

UPS SurePost adds an extra day or two to the delivery time compared to UPS Ground. UPS estimates that SurePost goods will take the United States Postal Service anywhere from two to seven days to deliver.