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Do you have a shipment with SFC? Enter the SFC tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About Send From China 

It is a Shenzhen-based Chinese corporation. In the realm of electronic commerce, SFC provides logistics and transport services. SFC Shipping presently partners with hundreds of Chinese businesses and shops, but in recent years, it has also attracted the attention of significant companies from other regions of Asia.

SFC, like many other Chinese firms, is well-known for incorporating cutting-edge technology into its myriad delivery options. SFC transports over 50,000 domestic and international consumers every year.

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The company also provides storage for big freight. SFC provides warehouse services to clients all around the world, and these operations can be set up in the most strategic areas of Asia.

SFC services, which have over 50,000 users, are maintained by a labour system in which users purchase the service they need from their favourite vendor. The product is kept in distribution centres until it can be shipped to its final destination.

Retailers, clients, and SFC may all communicate more effectively thanks to this system’s robust functionality. Also, among China’s top 10 transportation and logistics firms.

SFC Tracking

The SFC tracking system gives you real-time updates on your shipment’s whereabouts, progress, and expected delivery time. Those interested in knowing how their packages will be delivered might inquire as to the specific modes of transport employed.

SFC Tracking
SFC Tracking

Users need only access the SFC website to track the SFC tracking package. Customers can discover a virtual tool on the Landing Page where they can enter the tracking number of the package or goods to acquire all the relevant shipment information. Emails, texts, and push notifications from the mobile app all carry the SFC tracking number.

Receiving a SFC tracking number is contingent upon the customer having completed all necessary payment procedures. The SFC tracking number is a string of more than 10 characters long, including both numbers and letters. It’s worth noting that if users run into trouble with their order numbers, they can contact support for assistance.

Put in your SFC tracking number on 1trackings.com, and you’ll be able to follow the progress of your shipment.

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SFC Customer Care

SFC’s core principles are based on the belief that its clients are the company’s most valuable asset; hence the company will stop at nothing to provide them with the best possible service.

Email: mailto: [email protected]

Address: Licensing, Intermediaries Securities and Futures Commission 54/F, One Island East 18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay hong kong

SFC Contact number: 852-2231-1222


How long does SFC shipping take?

Conventional shipping services can add two to four days to the time it takes to send packages to any region in Asia, thus these are the estimated delivery timeframes. Within three to five business days, your order will be shipped out to the rest of the world.

Are SFC shipping prices expensive?

The cost is roughly $2.00 if the cargo originates in China. The typical price tag for SFC storage services is USD 40 per month. The price may change, however, based on the dimensions of the box.