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Do you have a shipment with Sendle? Enter the Sendle tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Sendle

Australian startup Sendle was established in 2014 to be a trusted partner to small and medium-sized enterprises. If you ship with Sendle, you can rest assured that your packages are always being delivered sustainably because the firm is certified B and offers Australia’s first carbon-neutral service.

To ensure that they are accessible to everyone, they utilize the distribution channels of major corporations. Here at Sendle, they believe in providing our customers with the best possible service at the lowest possible price. Sendle delivery is enticing because it provides free pick-up, administration, and online support.

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Sendle Shipping provides you with the assurance of a reliable courier service, including dedication, efficiency, and timely delivery. It also includes options for cancellation, reshipping, and refunds.

Sendle Tracking

Sendle provides free tracking via a unique reference number and online portal for every shipment. Through the Sendle control panel, customers may monitor the status of their packages via email and a dedicated tracking page.

sendle tracking
Sendle Tracking

Every step along the way, from pickup to delivery, can be tracked with Sendle, so the consumer knows exactly what’s going on. Dates and timestamps of each transaction will be displayed in the Sendle panel box.

For Sendle Australia tracking purposes, the company recommends that clients give the recipient’s email address while booking. The following link will take you to a tracking page where you can enter your Sendle tracking number and see the status of your package.

You’ll need your unique Sendle tracking number, which is between six and eight characters in length and consists of both letters and digits. Through Sendle international tracking, every customer can rest assured that they will receive the kind of dependable, honest service that is unique to Sendle.

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Using the Sendle control panel, customers may easily request a no-cost estimate. Once you’ve signed up for Sendle, you can enter your package’s pickup and delivery details, including its dimensions and weight, and the software will automatically calculate the cost of the service.

Sendle Customer Service

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach out to the Sendle support staff by using the links provided above and filling out the form with your email address, sendle contact number, and specific areas of concern.


Office hours: Monday-Friday (9 am to 5 pm)


How long does Sendle shipping take to deliver?

Deliveries made via Sendle often arrive the following business day, while those made to neighbouring cities take between two and three days. While Sendle’s standard delivery time is fairly quick, the company does not provide an expedited or guaranteed next-day service at present.

What are Sendle shipping costs?

A one-kilogram package sent inside the same city using the Sendle standard costs as little as $9.50. We charge $10.95 for shipping anywhere in the United States. There is a fee for Sendle Premium. One kilo (4 L) package to the same city starts at $8.50. USD 9.95 nationwide