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Do you have a shipment with SecureMail? Enter the SecureMail tracking number to see the shipment status.

About SecureMail

One of the biggest eCommerce, postal, and retail logistics companies in the UK is Secured Mail. The carrier, which annually delivers more than 500 million parcels worldwide, is committed to developing a customized delivery strategy for each client. Services include delivery within 48 and 72 hours, as well as customized reporting.

A component of Gravity zone protection for email called SecureMail offers a quick and efficient method for user-based protection of messages. When sending confidential messages that shouldn’t be kept in the recipient’s inbox like a regular email response would be, this is especially helpful.

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With the ability to mandate the use of TLS for specific domains and to use opportunism TLS for all messages, falling back to non-encrypted links only if the able to receive email server doesn’t really support TLS. SecureMail completes the policy-based data encryption built into Email Security.

You can receive and send ad-hoc emails with file attachments using the secure mail function of controlled file transfer. Each recipient of a message will get a special link to a place where they can safely download the files after the message is dispatched.

When a message is delivered via Certified Delivery, the receiver sees it in their Inbox. Recipients have the choice to reply and attach files.

SecureMail Tracking

With their official dx secure mail tracking system, you may follow your securemail package. This effective securemail tracking system makes it simple to keep track of your orders, shipments, and consignments.

Securemail Tracking
SecureMail Tracking

Try entering your tracking information, calling card number, shipment number, or client reference in the appropriate form on the tracking page to track your goods. When you select “track,” information about your consignment will appear on the screen.

Additionally, if you use a DX securemail service, your delivery postcode could be required.

You may easily check the progress of your Secured Mail Tracking with our online tracking tool at Everything you need is the tracking number for Secured Mail. After then click the secured mail track item button to proceed the process.

Your documents can be tracked online from the time they are picked up until they go to their destination. The technology collects information from each scan automatically, allowing you to see the precise location of your papers.

Simply enter the reference number for the “peel off” barcode, which can be found on your DX Luxury product, into our monitoring system.

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SecureMail Customer Service

The DX staff is here to assist our participants. When you sign up with DX, you get help from our “members only” premium customer service staff as well as a main business account manager.

Their contact information is provided below:

Telephone Number: 0330 05 35 900
Contact Email: [email protected]
Main Office Address: Calver Road, Winwick Quay, Warrington, WA2 8UD, UK


How can I track my DX SecureMail delivery?

Use our tracking website to see the status of your delivery when you have a securemail monitoring, consignment, or registration number. Go to secured mail track package, input your number, and then adhere to the instructions on the website.