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Do you have a shipment with Roadrunner? Enter your Roadrunner tracking number to find your order status.

About Roadrunner

In the year 1984, Road Runner transportation services was established. The company’s several brands operate in the logistics industry. One of these companies offering LTL services is Roadrunner Freight. They have serviceable locations all around the country for their less than load (LTL). Additionally, it operates 19 service locations across various metro areas.

Leading asset-light logistics and supply chain solutions provider Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS) offers a comprehensive range of services, comprising less-than-truckload, truckload, intermodal, temperature-controlled, domestic, and global air, and expedited.

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As part of LTL solutions, more than 450 regional private companies are available to deliver your cargo to regional hubs nearby. Their distribution center has been thoughtfully designed to meet customer needs and deliver what they require the following day.

Roadrunner Tracking

Your package can be easily tracked with Road Runner. You can enter a few data on their website to track shipments. You should have gotten a duplicate of your Waybill if you shipped with Roadrunner. Each waybill has its own unique nine-digit number.

Roadrunner Tracking
Roadrunner Tracking

To check the status of your shipment, LTL trucking, and package deliveries online, enter your Roadrunner freight tracking number into their website after you are done with road runner login.

With, tracing a Roadrunner Freight cargo is simple; all you have to do is enter your monitoring number in the tracking field or visit the track my package page.

The most effective package tracking system available at any post office is available to you on our website. It is possible to track a package globally with exact information regarding your shipment by using the universal tracking website, which accepts any overseas tracking number.

In a short while, you will receive information about the whereabouts of your package.

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Roadrunner Service Location

In addition to its Downers Grove, Illinois, office, where they employ about 1,000 people, they also operate 21 branch offices across the country. Every large town in the United States is accessible to Roadrunner’s consumers because to the company’s excellent ties with some other carriers, rail suppliers, and third-party delivery services.

Roadrunner Customer Service

Road runner customer support can be reached out by visiting their website. Customer service section will guide you all the related information and details that you are looking for.

Moreover, their contact information will also be provided there:

Customer Support Phone number: (800) 831-4394

Contact Email: [email protected]

Main Office Address: 1431 Opus Place, Ste 530 Downers Grove, IL 60515


Do I need a user account or log-in to track the shipment?

No login information is required to track your shipment. To trace your freight or shipment, all you need to do is input the pickup number, PRO, tracking ID, or bill of lading number.

Where can I find my shipment ID?

Your Road Runner order confirmation email contains your shipment ID, making it one of the simplest places to look. You can use the shipment ID in the email to monitor your Roadrunner Transport Systems package once you open it.