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Do you have a shipment with Prompt Express? Enter the Prompt Express tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Prompt Express

Several individuals with ten to thirty years of experience in the domestic courier business and the information and communications technology industry came together in April 2015 to form the Company.

Since its start, Prompt Xpress has staffed its nationwide courier network with the most talented and dedicated workers the industry has to offer. The combination of Prompt Xpress’s extensive knowledge and the cutting-edge technology it employs should make it one of the most prominent domestic courier service providers in a short amount of time.

The company was formed to fill a need for reliable, punctual, and friendly prompt express courier tracking services for businesses and individuals all over the island. To better service, its elite clients, Prompt Xpress maintains a branch network across the entire island.

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The company’s goal is to set itself apart from rivals by providing the most customer-centric services possible, backed by cutting-edge ICT solutions. The business already has a cutting-edge tracking system with an online tracking capability accessible via the internet. We are also working on launching mobile tracking apps and hand-held mobile devices.

Prompt Express Tracking

The goal of Prompt Express is to make you feel secure in your purchases and eliminate any uncertainty you may have.

It ensures your order is visible and offers you command over the delivery process. After your package has been sent out via their courier service, you can check on its progress by using the Prompt Express tracking number provided to you.

prompt express tracking
Prompt Express Tracking

After placing an order with Prompt Express Gampaha, you can easily view its current status online. Sign in to view the current standing of all of your pending orders. Simply input your zip code and invoice number into the appropriate fields and click the button to see the progress of your order.

You can instead use the Prompt Express Colombo website to keep tabs on your Staples purchase. You may easily and quickly monitor the status of your order this way.

The process of tracking orders is as easy as entering the relevant details in the specified tracking section and clicking the “track” button.

All relevant details about your order will be displayed on the screen. Details such as the order’s estimated delivery time and date of shipment are provided. You can also find out if your order has been sent out or is currently in transit.

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You can find all of this information and more on our website,

Prompt Customer Service

Sending a request is the best way to get in touch with them. To begin, they’ll ask for your email address, the nature of your complaint, and any additional details you may have in the description box before asking you to attach the file.

Address: No. 40, Ferry Road, Borupana, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

Phone number +94 114 422 733

Email: [email protected]



What are services provided by Prompt express?

Pickup and shipment of document parcels within 24 hours anywhere on the globe. Advantages It Offers Delivery of time-sensitive materials available in major cities on the same day they are picked up.