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Track your international shipments with ease using Posta Romana Tracking. Get real-time updates and peace of mind with our reliable courier tracking solution.

About Posta Romana

In Romania, the mail is handled exclusively by Posta Romana. It handles all payments, including currency transactions, postal mail, and other mail. This firm provides postal and media services in a competitive free market. Also, it engages in international trade, supply, medical services, social and cultural services, etc.

Providing this service dates back to the Middle Ages in Romania. For the sovereigns’ commands to reach the land they controlled, this organization was formed. Sovereigns’ letter from the country’s cities and towns was delivered on horseback.

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Romania’s postal system has advanced to the point where it now serves as the country’s sole delivery mechanism. Currently, it offers postal services to everyone within the country and beyond its borders.

Posta Romana Tracking

Almost all packages and letters sent through the Roman postal service are trackable. With Posta Romana tracking, you can check in on your shipment at every stage, from when it is first received by the post office to when it is delivered to its final destination. Posta Romana’s online monitoring service requires only the entry of a tracking number—found on the post office’s invoice—into a dedicated tracking box.

Posta Romana Tracking
Posta Romana Tracking

Two letters appear at the beginning and end of this 13-character number. The Posta Romana system can tell where the postcard was sent from based on the letters at the beginning of the number.

Similarly, the destination office or location can be deduced from the letters appended to the end of the tracking number. Posta Romana has comprehensive details available on its website. You can learn about the company’s services and more on that page. How to locate your shipment’s unique tracking number from Posta Romana can be found in that section.

The Posta Romana offers electronic receipts at various locations. The tracking number will be included with the mail; to follow its progress, simply copy and paste the number into the appropriate spot on the official site.

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Posta Romana Customer Service

If you have any queries or concerns concerning the status of your order, please contact the posta Romania customer care team. The staff will do all in their power to make you comfortable and address any concerns you may have.

Phone number: 021 9393

National call: 021 9393 111 

Email address: [email protected]



How long does Posta Romania take to ship?

Priority and final destination are two factors that affect how quickly mail is delivered. Packages sent within the United States typically arrive at their destinations within two days. Depending on when they arrive at the office, packages marked as “Priority” may be delivered the following business day.

Is it Pricey to Send Mail via the Roman Postal Service?

There is a wide range of shipping costs inside Romania, from RON 1.90 ($0.44) for ordinary shipping to RON 10.51 ($2.44) for cash on delivery. Standard international shipping is $1 (RON 4.32), while express shipping with delivery confirmation costs $13.48 (RON 58.06).