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Do you have a shipment with Orange Connex? Enter the Orange Connex tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Orange Connex

The Chinese tech firm Orange Connex provides international online retail services. They can provide logistics and finance sectors within the country with first-rate efficiency because of their in-depth market analysis, system development, and innovative technology.

They are currently recognized as a forerunner in China’s private sector, investment market, and international eCommerce. As a result of providing excellent logistics solutions, this business has earned a reputation for providing high-quality work at a reasonable price. Orange Connex, on the other hand, provides excellent sustainability to its business customers.

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With Orange Connex’s speed freight service, business owners have a reliable and fast means of transporting goods. The service leaves Shanghai and quickly reaches the United States. Finally, OC provides Orange Connex financial products like e-Commerce seller credits. So they provide borderless financing, which can be used anywhere in the world, not just in this one Asian nation.

Orange Connex Tracking

The Orange Connex eBay tracking website is available around the clock, so you can check on the status of your shipment whenever you like. To begin tracking, simply click the button labeled “Tracking” in the menu’s top right corner. We’re about to roll out a new feature where you can look up information about a shipment via a search bar.

Orange Connex Tracking
Orange Connex Tracking

The company or seller of your package should have given you an Orange Connex tracking number, which you can enter here. You can enter up to 20 tracking numbers simultaneously, and within seconds, the package’s whereabouts and any other relevant details will be displayed.

Locate your missing Orange Connex with the help of’s automated tracking system. To do so, just enter your Orange Connex tracking number into our tracking tool.

Orange Connex Service Location 

At present, at least 51 countries can access Orange DS tracking. These countries and more, such as Orange Connex Germany, include the USA, Canada, France, Australia, France, Spain, and Israel, among many others. In addition to the 14 stations in Hong Kong, they serve 185 cities across China’s 26 provinces.

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eBay Customer Service

Orange Connex’s customer service is another resource for learning more about the company. Simply dial the orange Connex number down below if you’re in China and have the orange Connex service:

Phone number: 400 126 0008/86 21 60662670

Email address: [email protected]


Are Orange Connex services prices expensive?

Orange Connex charges different shipping rates for each service they offer. Since the speed freight service is reserved for online retailers, it may be the most expensive option. Added to this, you’ll owe taxes, customs, and possibly other charges.

How long does Orange Connex take to deliver?

As for time, Orange Connex Germany’s cheap service usually takes around 10-15 business days to arrive at its destination. However, the time it takes for speed freight service to reach the port can range from 22 to 50 days.

Who delivers orange Connex in the UK?

The new service, launched in partnership with global logistics firm Orange Connex and using Royal Mail and Hermes as its delivery partners, promises to improve logistics management, streamline processes, and strengthen seller protections, among other things.