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Numark Transportation

Numark transportation came into existence and entered the freight forwarding and logistics services in the year 1999. They have worked many years in that industry and are now known to be one of the best truckload carriers amongst its competitors in California.

They not only provide quality services but also keep in mind the budget of their customers. Therefore, they are known to providing services at market competitive prices which makes customers choose them for their needs over other service providers.

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Numark wanted to expand its services so, in 2004 they expanded from being a truckload carrier to also including Less than Truckload (LTL) services in California. To cater the increasing demand of customers after they moved towards expansion, they opened three more terminals in California.

Moreover, to cater urgent needs of customers, this transportation also started its overnight services for the customers in California. So, if you are a resident of California and want to get something delivered urgently then using Numark’s services you can get them delivered within 24 hours.

numark tracking

After providing services for over two decades, this transportation has established itself as one of the best LTL carriers amongst its other competitors in California. They continue doing so by providing the best customer service in order to achieve customer satisfaction and set up a loyal customer base.

Now it has further expanded and has 3 more terminals in California making it a total of 6 terminals. They have also partnered with other carriers to provide overnight services to other states such as Arizona and Southern Nevada. It means that it is now able to meet the demands of more customers.

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Moreover, it has also started providing ocean service to Hawaii. To expand the already existing customer base, they provide variety of services. Furthermore, they have 150 employees, fleets with more than 200 power units, and around 300 trailers.

Numark Services

The aim of Numark transportation is to provide quality services at reasonable prices to accommodate customers with different pocket sizes. It provides businesses and companies with logistic services and solutions for their shipping needs.

To meet the varying and urgent demands of customers, numark transportation provides expedited LTL through which they ensure that the shipment is delivered faster than usually it takes for a standard shipment to be delivered.

Numark transportation has a brokerage related division that takes care of shipping and trucking needs via a third-party. In the many years they have been in business they have built relationship with trucking companies in 48 states, as well as trucking companies in Mexico and Canada.

If a company plans to outsource their freight, then that is considered relatively cheaper than when it does it in house. Moreover, it also helps a company focus completely on their business rather than worrying about freight services. Therefore, Numark transportation promises to deliver products at the best rates and provide quality service.

Companies might want to customize services to meet their varying needs. To accommodate such companies, Numark transportation provides them with customized ways to move their products from one place to another. Moreover, they also provide the equipment and personnel needed to put together a customized package.

To provide the services mentioned above and meet the needs of the customers, Numark transportation has a professional staff that ensures that every package and shipment is delivered with utmost care. They consider each parcel as their own to deliver products not only on time but also without any damage.

Numark Transportation Tracking

Whenever a customer is looking for a trucking carrier or a company for LTL services, the first thing they see is whether the transportation company provides tracking service or not.

No matter how good the service of a company is, if it does not have tracking facility customers will be hesitant while placing their orders with them.

Keeping all the aforementioned things and needs of customers in mind, Numark transportation provides its customers with tracking facility which provides them detailed information regarding their package.

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The tracking facility can be availed by putting in your Quick track PRO No. and SCAC on the top of their website in a text box and click ‘trace’. The Quick track PRO No. and SCAC are provided to customers when they book their package with the company along with the receipt.

Once you click on the ‘trace’ button you have access to a lot of information about your package. You can get to know the tentative date and time at which the package will be delivered to your destination.

In this way you can be available, prepare, and make any necessary arrangements required before the package gets delivered.

numark tracking

Moreover, through Numark transportation’s tracking facility you can also get to know your order status. This means that you will know where in the delivery process your package is in at that particular moment.

Furthermore, you will also get information such as the date and time at which your package was at different locations that is warehouse, with the carrier, in-transit, or delivered. This detailed itinerary makes it easy for customers as it prevents them from the unnecessary wait.

The entire tracking facility is also helpful as it tells the customers beforehand if their delivery is running late. In this way they will be able to make any alternate arrangements if they want and they will not even have to worry about their package being misplaced.

Lastly, the numark shipping tracking provides transparency to customers as nothing is hidden from them and they can access all sorts of information regarding their package.

It also gives them a control over the entire delivery process as they are aware of each and every location their package went to. Numark shipping tracking is the best way to know all the information about your parcel.

Numark Transportation Customer Service

Since Numark Transportation promises excellent customer service, they are very responsive to their customers queries and messages.

You can get in touch with them by filling a form with your personal details and your query or message under their ‘contact us’ tab or you can contact them at the following numbers and addresses:

San Leandro (Corporate Office)
2976 Alvarado Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: 888-699-0333
Fax: 510-357-5835

Nevada Terminal
6180 N. Hollywood Blvd #105
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Phone: 714-521-3900
Fax: 714-844-4321

Los Angeles
16800 Trojan Way
La Mirada, CA 90638
Phone: 714-521-3900
Fax: 714-521-3912
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