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Are you looking forward to your Nippon shipment? Enter your Nippon express tracking number to know order status.

About Nippon Express

One of the biggest logistics companies in the world is Nippon Express. The company was established in Japan in 1872. Since its foundation, the company has remained a substantial business that has contributed significantly to the growth of global trade and the world economy.

This organization offers top-notch air cargo, ocean freight, multimodal transportation, and some other logistics services on a national and worldwide scale. With the help of these services, you may move as far as you wish to travel while having the smoothest moving experience possible.

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By offering excellent international logistics services for goods forwarding, sea transport, and even freight forwarding, Nippon Express successfully lowers expenses.

With approximately 700 branches spread across 262 locations in 43 countries, Nippon Express Korea is able to offer both international air transportation services and comprehensive logistical services such import customs clearing, warehousing services, local delivery, and other services.

Nippon Express Tracking

When dealing with items that are so priceless and valuable, tracking services are greatly sought after. You will receive a specific tracking information when you make an order for the further relocation or forwarding of items, which you can use to trace your order.

Nippon Express Tracking
Nippon Express Tracking

You can easily go Nippon Express’ website and click the “tracking shipment” link to track your item there. When you arrive at this tab, you can insert the tracking number that was previously provided to enable hassle-free order tracking.

If you want a seamless tracking of your shipments, you can also utilize our website,, to track your order.

You can simply track your shipment and see all the information associated to it by entering the tracking number for your item in the tracking area.

Regardless of the service you have selected, this information is quite helpful in understanding your projected arrival time and ensures that you never have to wait in suspense.

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Nippon Express Customer Support

You can reach nippon express customer service department anytime. Their contact detail and address information are given below:

Phone number: +81-3-6251-1111
Head Office Address: Nippon Express Co Ltd, Higashi-shimbashi 1-9-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8322, Japan

USA Office Number: +81(0)3-6251-6553

Office timing: (Mon. to Fri. 9:00 – 17:00 / Closed on Sat., Sun., and holidays)

USA Address: 800 North IL Route 83, Wood Dale, IL 60191 U.S.A


Can I track my Nippon express shipment?

Your container can be easily tracked and traced using the live Nippon Express Container monitoring system below. To check your shipment status details instantaneously, enter your Nippon Express Container Tracking Number, or Booking Reference Number into the web tracker system.

Where can I get my Nippon tracking number?

With a tracking number, you can follow your order. There are 11 digits in this number. You will receive this number via email. Additionally, it might be written on the receipt that was given to you when you picked up your package. Depending on your provider, there might be another format available.