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About Newgistics

Supply chain and logistics firm Newgistics moves and delivers goods for online merchants. It all started in Austin, Texas in the United States back in 1999. The business is now a division of Pitney Bowes, a shipping and logistics firm.

Pitney Bowes’s official site is the only place to access any of the company’s services, along with the Newgistics tracking service. Due to its acquisition by Pitney Bowes, the firm’s parcel and order transportation operations have been taken over by Pitney Bowes.

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Since its founding, Newgistics has worked to innovate the logistics industry in the United States. This includes the transportation, storage, and delivery of packages. The company reworked its whole transportation systems and distribution networks when the e-business industry experienced a significant rise, allowing it to provide the highest quality services available.

Newgistics Tracking

Pitney Bowes, the firm behind the monitoring system, hosts the system on its website. Customers may reliably and swiftly track down their goods, shipments, or mail with the help of the Newgistics parcel tracking system. Internet-based electronic systems run by private businesses will also let customers know where their deliveries or purchases are.

Newgistics Tracking
Newgistics Tracking

A Newgistics tracking number, which is automatically recorded on each item or delivery and is only issued once the buyer has finished paying, is required for the usage of these tools. You will receive the tracking number in an email.

It’s worth noting that the system gives crucial information about Newgistics packages, like where they are, what their current status is, what mode of transportation they are riding in, and when they are expected to arrive. The system can also give a comprehensive record of Newgistics transport.

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Newgistics Service Locations

As a subsidiary of Pitney Bowes, the firm can export and distribute to all of the major areas of the United States and Canada, as well as more than 220 other countries all over the world. Newgistics’ merger with Pitney Bowes has also given the European market increased importance. The company’s presence in the United Kingdom’s home nations of England, Wales, and Ireland has grown in recent years.

Newgistics Customer Support

Headquarters: United State

Head Office: 2700 Via Fortuna Suite 300. Austin, TX 78746. The United States.

Phone: +1 877.860.5997


What are the shipping fees for packages from Newgistics?

The average cost of Newgistics logistics is around $8 when shipping to economically developed nations like the United States or Canada. The typical cost for shipping to nations in Latin America is $12. Delivery to Asian countries is expected to cost between $12 and $17.

How long does it take to ship Newgistics?

It usually takes between two and three days to deliver to addresses in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The estimated delivery time for Latin American countries is four to five business days.

Does Newgistics belong to USPS?

Pitney-Bowes subsidiary Newgistics is a USPS postage reseller that provides its clients with a suite of customer-centric products, such as automated tracking and electronic End-of-Day reports. The Newgistics integration in ShipStation generates domestic shipping labels for delivery to any customer in the United States.