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Do you have a shipment with New Penn? Enter the New Penn tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About New Penn

A company spanning the Northeastern United States, Quebec, Canada, and Puerto Rico, New Penn, a YRC Worldwide company with headquarters in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, offers first-rate local, next-day ground services. When it comes to cargo monitoring and reliability, New Penn is unrivaled. To learn more, go to

The foundation of the New Penn Company is a dedication to its clients. They have one-stop cargo transportation across the western, midwestern, and southeastern United States thanks to their partnership with their sibling trucking businesses, Holland and Reddaway.

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Freight prices covering a wide range of states in the middle of the United States are also available from New Penn. Given that New Penn expects to deliver 95% of deliveries in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions the following business day, you probably won’t need extensive freight tracking.

New Penn freight rates are available for long-distance shipments, but only when using YRC-affiliated carriers.

New Penn Tracking 

After purchasing from New Penn, you can use the site to monitor your shipment in several different ways. An outline of these is provided below. If you don’t want to waste time logging in and out of the New Penn portal or even using it at all, you may trace your New Penn shipment from beginning to end by providing your tracking number on the New Penn website.

new penn tracking
New Penn Tracking

For a somewhat faster option, visit the New Penn freight Tracking website and click on Service support, followed by expedited tracking. If you want to check on a New Penn motor express tracking cargo, you’ll need to re-enter your tracking number.

The quickest and easiest method is to use the tracking service provided by the website You can easily find out where your New Penn Express package is at any time by visiting the tracking website and entering your new Penn tracking number.

To get all the specifics on your New Penn property, all you have to do is hit the “enter” button. New Penn Express displays your package’s whereabouts, the courier’s name, and the next steps in the delivery process.

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New Penn Customer Support

If you have any queries or issues concerning your shipment, please contact the new Penn customer support number shown below.

Phone number: 8882976968

Email address: [email protected]



How do customers add addresses to the contact list?

To save the address to your address book, after entering it in the BOL tool’s (New Penn Pro tracking) relevant field, make sure the Save to Address Book box is checked. Once the BOL is handed in, the new address will be put on the contact list. The location will not be stored if the BOL is saved in a draft or template form.

Why am I unable to specify the shipper’s location in my rate quote?

Select your appropriate rating role in the quote’s Rating information section. Choose “Third-party” for “role” if you’re the one doing the billing. You can provide the sender and the address of origin here. Choose “Shipper” or “Consignee” from the drop-down menu and then “Location” from the list.