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Do you have a shipment with Meest? Enter the Meest tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About Meest

Meest Post is a C2C website that provides international postal services to customers.  Package deliveries from different EU countries and instantaneous money transfers to Ukraine are both possible through the website.

Meest Post is a new service that allows packages to be sent from any Poczta Polska location and expands on an existing one that began delivering packages from Poland to Ukraine in 2015.

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International delivery  services can be used in any European country and, eventually, throughout Europe and outside of it via the website, as of right now, meest is forming partnerships with postal companies in other European Union countries and building out a system of drop-off locations.

Meest Polska, the company behind the Meest Post website, is aggressively expanding into the business-to-consumer market.

Meest Tracking

Meest profile and tracking features require a login, so be sure to do that before you go anywhere else. After logging in, find your account details and then select the order you wish to follow by browsing the list of recent deliveries.

Meest Tracking
Meest Tracking

On the invoice, the sender must include the shipment’s Meest tracking number so that the recipient can track it without assistance. Since it operates in real-time, the customer is always aware of where the package is.

AI technology is used to incorporate information into the Meest tracking Ukrain. Therefore, the current parcel status is readily available.

This is a crucial feature because it notifies the recipient of any problems with the shipment, be they damage, diversion, or loss. It lessens the likelihood of damage during transport, which saves money and time.

The Meest website guarantees near-instantaneous alerts for all relevant locations and states. If you need to keep tabs on a single package or ten packages moving through the hands of ten different couriers at once, try out the best tracking program we offer on our website.

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The simplest method to track a package is to use our website, There is no need to sign up for anything, login, or reveal any private information. By entering your Meest tracking number, you can see exactly where your package is and what its current status is in real-time.

Meest Service Location

Meest service location includes European countries, Ukraine and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries. Meest coordinate the transport of goods from the storage facilities of online shops in Poland as well as other European states to the states in Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe via our warehouses located in the countries of dispatch.

Meest Customer Service

Please don’t hesitate to contact the meest support team with your queries. The meest support team can be reached via email or the toll-free tracking number. Complete justifications for each correct response are provided below.

Location: Meest Polska Sp. z o.o.ul. Drogowców 7, 39-200 Dębica

Postal operator: B-00183

Phone number: +48 22 113 40 54

Email address: [email protected]


Who owns Meest corporation?

Meest Corporation which was formed in 1989, is owned by Rostyslav Kisil. He aimed to make a company that could send packages or parcels from Ukraine to other countries especially Canada.