The FLHSMV was created by law and serves as a cabinet department of the state of Florida. But the question is whether the FLHSMV is legitimate or not.

is flhsmv legit

It appears that the military, the courts, government agencies, regulatory bodies, and so on are responsible for this website’s upkeep and security. Sites like these are used by governments to issue orders, provide data, and host a wide range of governmental activities. Government-run websites have a much higher likelihood of being genuine and reliable.

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Nearly every Floridian and many tourists to the Sunshine State interact with the FLHSMV, the state agency responsible for highway safety and motor vehicles.

The primary functions of FLHSMV include the issuance of driver licenses and identity cards, the registration and titling of motor vehicles, and the enforcement of traffic laws throughout the state of Florida.

Is FLHSMV Legit?

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Is FLHSMV being used by fraudsters?

No resident of Florida will ever get a text message from the FLHSMV demanding private information. Be aware that you are dealing with a scam if you receive a text message asking for such information.