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Do you have a parcel with Interlink Express? Enter your Interlink Express tracking number to see your order status.

About Interlink Express

Interlink Express, a division of GeoPost UK Limited, collects packages for domestic and international delivery. It offers a variety of door-to-door courier services, including international air cargo to about 200 countries and next-day timed delivery to around 100 countries.

Whether your shipments are going to the UK or anywhere else in the world, Interlink Express, one of the top time-critical services carriers in the UK, can meet all of your distribution demands.

They are in a good position to meet all of your distribution and logistical needs because of the integration of their own substantial UK network with unmatched ground-based transport to Europe and Air Express delivery to the rest of the world.

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In 2008, Interlink Express changed its name to DPD and ceased operations under that name. DPD now offers the same service while utilizing the Interlink network.

Recently, the business unveiled a more environmentally friendly method of shipping packages to Europe. Sending packages via road transportation makes sense because it emits eight times less carbon dioxide than air mail. This approach not only has lower costs but also substantially quicker delivery times.

Interlink Express Tracking

Numerous free solutions are available from Interlink Express to help you keep track of packages sent over the company’s network. A reference number and the postcode of the delivery address can be used to track packages dispatched with Interlink Express and Interlink Direct online.

interlink express tracking
Interlink Express Tracking

If the tracking number is not given while ordering a shipping label, the sender will disclose it. A Collection Card or Calling Card left at the purchaser’s address after a failed delivery tries also contains the number.

Use interlink express shipment number to seek data from DPD Local parcel delivery info and get the most recent tracking event information. Enter interlink tracking information to monitor your parcel delivery online with tracking website. Enter up to 10 DPD Local tracking numbers in the tracking box to get the last status of your event couriers all in one spot.

One of the quickest, safest, and most secure tracking services is available and allows you to track your couriers using an online tracking system.

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Interlink Express Customer Service

To contact the Interlink Express team or their staff in case of any mishap or confusion, you can contact them at the given interlink express contact number then you can easily resolve your issues.

Customer Support Phone number: +44 121 275 05 24
Tracking Number Format Sample: 15503326317008


Which tracker I can use to track my Interlink Express parcel?

No matter which country you are sending your package to, you can check exactly where it is by using the tracking system. To guarantee that the package is correctly delivered, you can also adjust. You will be alerted and given a choice of fixes if there are any issues with your delivery.

Is there any chance of misplacement of Interlink Express parcel?

Your mailed item is much less likely to be lost by a courier than by regular post when safety is considered. You and the recipient can both keep track of the delivery’s progress with the use of a tracking number.