How to Start a Courier Business

A courier service is a company that helps people get their parcels and vital documents where they need to go quickly and easily. There are a few crucial measures you should take before beginning a new courier business, and you should keep these in mind as you begin your study and exploration.

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How to Start a Courier Business?


A thorough business plan will serve as a crucial guide during the early months of operation. If you need to loan money to start the courier service, a business plan might assist you to acquire financing.

how to start a courier business
How to Start a Courier Business

Legal Structures

When deciding how to legally form your courier service, one of the first steps is determining its name. Business license applications must be submitted to the appropriate authorities in the jurisdiction where the enterprise will be operating. Get an EIN from the government.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle management: Think about the type of truck you’ll need before you launch your courier service. Vans are probably the best option if you need to move lots of stuff, but motorbike deliveries could save you money if you’re just moving a few things around. No matter the situation, dependability in cars is essential.

Storage Space

Space for warehousing goods and deliveries awaiting delivery is a necessity for most courier companies. Make arrangements for enough storage before opening for business.

Equipment Management

You will need more than just company vehicles to run your business smoothly and keep your customers happy. You will need things like cell phones, two-way radios, office supplies, a GPS unit, and more.


When setting prices, remember to factor in not only labor and materials but also overhead expenses like insurance and utilities. Your bottom line will benefit from all of these elements. Once you have settled on a pricing structure, make it readily apparent to clients.

Make sure that your clients fully understand their financial obligations before signing any contracts or issuing any invoices.

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Define Customer Services

When you’re in the courier company, your customers are counting on you to deliver time-sensitive or otherwise crucial things and documents to their desired destinations. Train your staff to provide the standard of service you demand from them before you consider hiring them.

By doing so, you may influence the company’s overall culture and ensure that your customers will be completely satisfied.


Can you make money as a courier?

It is possible to earn a living wage or more as an on-demand courier; some delivery services pay as much as $25 per hour (mostly depending on the hours you work and the distances involved).

How much can a small courier business make?

For most new businesses, the third year of operation is when profits begin to materialize. A positive reputation in the community as a trustworthy and helpful service provider can do wonders for a startup. The average annual salary for a courier is $60,000.

Conclusion On Courier Business

In sum, if you implement the strategies, you’ll have a great foundation upon which to build a prosperous new courier service. Think ahead to where your business could go and how it could expand once you get started.