Hong Kong Post Tracking | Parcel & Delivery Status

Do you have a shipment with Hong Kong post? Enter the Hong Kong post tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About Hong Kong Post

Hongkong Post has been the government agency in charge of the city’s mail delivery. The Postal Department or Post Office opened in 1841; before the 1997 handover of Hong Kong, this was its original name. It is autonomous from China Post and has been a UPU member since 1877.

Hongkong Post’s primary source of revenue is mail delivery, but the company also makes money by selling philatelic items and by processing payments for the government and utility firms.

Stamp design and manufacture, fulfilment and advance ordering service, and philatelic marketing are the three primary focuses of this department.

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Stamp collecting is popular in Hong Kong because of the territory’s cautious approach to stamp issuance. Stamp enthusiasts all over the globe enjoy a wide variety of beautifully designed stamp goods.

Hong Kong Post Tracking

Hong Kong Post’s E-Express service provides customers with real-time online shipment tracking information. When sending goods to customers, e-express tracking offers a quick and cheap method for vendors.

Hong Kong Post Tracking
Hong Kong Post Tracking

Only registered mail sent through Hong Kong Post can be tracked using the company’s website. Including the initial capital letter “R” and the final two letters “HK,” the Hong Kong Post tracking number is 13 digits long. One such code is RC529764238HK. The details of your package’s delivery are available once you enter your tracking number.

If you want to know where your Hong Kong Post package is, 1trackings.com is your best bet. The website 1trackings.com allows you to monitor up to ten packages simultaneously, with results available in a matter of seconds.

In addition, 1trackings.com provides comprehensive details about your packages. 1trackings.com will keep you informed every step of the process; from the time your package is shipped to the moment it arrives at your door.

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Hong Kong Post Service Location

Hongkong Post has 128 post offices located all across Hong Kong. There was a total of 45 post offices in the New Territories and 8 in the Outlying Islands as of 2007. There were 34 on Hong Kong Island and 42 on Kowloon. In the New Territories, two mobile post offices bring postal services to outlying locations.

Newly added locations to the list of 43 countries served by this service include South Africa, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Lebanon, Island, Serbia, Latvia, and Luxembourg.

Hong Kong Post Customer Service

If you have any feedback or ideas about how Hongkong Post customer service, please get in touch. It’s possible that, despite our greatest efforts, we will occasionally fall short of our goals. You have a legal right to a complete and timely explanation in such a situation.

Headquarters: 2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone number: (852) 2921 2222

Fax: (852) 2868 0094

Email: [email protected]


What is the procedure for contacting Hong Kong Post?

You can track registered mail, parcels, and Hong Kong Post items on their website, smartphone app, or Hotline. You can also send a completed mail enquiry form and a certificate of posting (or a photocopy) to our Mail Tracing Office during the enquiry period.

How to check the delivery standards of overseas mail items?

Hong Kong Post Delivery Time and Latest Times of Posting lists delivery standards for different service zones, whereas Air Mail Latest Times of Posting and Delivery Standard lists them for letters and parcels (Pos 15 Supplement).