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Do you have a shipment with Hexbug? Find more about your order by using Hexbug tracking number.

About Hexbug

Hexbug is a toy company that incorporates cutting-edge technology into their products, such as little robotic creatures, because they think that young children should be encouraged to be creative. Hexbug is a worldwide leader in robotics, STEM education, and innovation because its products are appealing to both children and adults.

Initially tested in the US by RadioShack, HEXBUG is currently offered at most significant department stores. Hexbugs evolved from six-legged arthropods, and today there are numerous varieties of them. Instead of the number of legs, the name “HEXBUG” refers to the six-sided packing it is sold in

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As soon as you access the Hexburg website, you will see many toy tabs. Numerous toys with various attributes can be found in each of these categories. While making your purchasing decision, you can view a video about that item on their website.

Hexbug Tracking

Using the order ID generated from your billing information, you may monitor your order to learn more about the specifics of your Hexbug order, such as the date it will be dispatched and at what time. You must input your order ID, invoicing last name, email account, or zip code on their purchases and returns tab to monitor your order.

This provides you with information on the time and day your order will arrive at your home so you can be ready and keep your youngster anticipating it. Your youngster and you won’t have to wait around for anything.

Hexbug Tracking
Hexbug Tracking

For all monitoring updates, visit our website at 1trackings.com. Our web tracker provides all the crucial information you need to know in the most straightforward manner possible. You only need to input the product’s necessary tracking number.

View the most recent delivery schedules of your parcel, courier, package, and shipment online in a matter of seconds by checking the status of your HexBug order. There is no reason to wait for the service company to call every minute. You will be aware of the delivery date in advance.

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Hexbug Customer Service

The team at Hexbug can be reached at several phone lines and addresses around the various nations they operate in. Since Hexbug’s customer support is regarded as among the best, you may anticipate getting help swiftly and without any issues.

Phone Number: +1-903-453-0804
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fax Number: +1-214-853-5687


Does Hexbug offers the same day delivery?

Any order placed with Hexbug before 3:00 PM CST on Monday through Friday will be delivered on the same day, so if your child is demanding a new toy and is acting out, you may order from Hexbug and have it sent straight away. Orders placed after Friday at 3 p.m. CST are therefore delivered on Monday.

Can I get my order status by contacting the company?

You can also call the HexBug customer support department to find out the status of your order. Give them your listed phone number or email address, and they will notify you of the position of your order.