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Do you have a shipment with GLS? Enter your GLS tracking number in the given field to find your order status.

About GLS

General Logistics Systems B.V., frequently abbreviated as GLS, is an Amsterdam-based logistics firm with British and Dutch ownership. The company was established in 1999 in Amsterdam and since then has grown to become a division of the Royal Mail, a British postal service.

GLS seeks to build a profitable and long-lasting commercial enterprise while safeguarding the environment for the next generations. Additionally, they are devoted to giving back to society.

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GLS is a dependable courier for clients in Europe and the US and specializes in the distribution and shipping of goods and parcels to several worldwide locations.

Depending on the region, standard GLS delivery typically arrives at its location in less than 24 hours; in some nations, like Ireland, local GLS shipping even arrives that day.

GLS Tracking

You must obtain your Golden state overnight tracking number to start tracking your GLS cargo or parcel. This will typically take the form of a 9-digit tracking number that will be generated after GLS receives your package to identify it.

gls tracking
GLS Tracking

You must enter this GLS tracking number into the GLS website’s official tracking tab to get all the details you require about your GLS order, including the anticipated delivery date, ongoing tracking data as your package travels to its desired location, and status updates when it passes specific checkpoints.

One of the finest and most trustworthy websites for tracking packages is All you need to do is to enter your tracking information in the tracking area to monitor a package.

We give you access to the most robust package tracking system available from any post office. Any foreign tracking number is accepted by, a global tracking portal for tracking packages.

GLS and 1trackings vary in that the latter can only provide tracking for GLS packages through its website, but the latter offers users robust multi-courier monitoring on any package, anywhere in the world.

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GLS Service Location

Its operations are said to have originated in Europe, but it has expanded its services internationally by creating its subsidiaries in the majority of the countries and working with trustworthy partners in the remainder.

GLS Customer Support

You can use GLS customer service anytime if you want to discuss or ask anything. If you have any questions related to your order tracking, you can reach them at the following address and phone number:

Phone number: +44 247 621 3455

Email address: [email protected]


How does a tracking number help with the tracking of parcels?

A handler will scan the tracking number on your GLS package at each stop along the way to update the location and progress of your package. Anybody with the tracking number can see this information as it becomes accessible.

What is the GLS tracking number format?

GLS tracking numbers are made up of both letters and numbers. Although the GLS tracking information format is normally an 8-digit combo, it occasionally includes up to 20 digits.