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Eagerly waiting for your Global cargo shipment? Just enter your Global cargo movers tracking number to know your order’s whereabouts.

About Global Cargo Movers

Founded in 2008, Global Cargo Movers LLC is a business. Their primary goal is to make it simple for Filipinos to send balikbayan packages to their loved ones who live outside of the Philippines. They want their business to be affordable so that clients can send their packages to their family members in a secure and safe manner without feeling like they were taken advantage of by the exorbitant prices.

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The goal of Global Cargo Movers is to make customers feel secure and safe when transporting packages to their loved ones abroad in the Philippines, preventing them from paying inflated charges that rivals are charging.

Global cargo movers understand how important it is to gain their clients’ happiness and value, so they frequently go above and beyond to assist them and uphold their aim of giving consumers peace of mind while delivering products through them.

Global Cargo movers Tracking

When you click the checkout button, you immediately start thinking about the day and time your box will be sent to the recipient, or if you are the recipient, you immediately start looking forward to receiving the package provided by your loved one.

Global Cargo Movers Tracking
Global Cargo Movers Tracking

When you submit your order, global cargo movers give you a reference number and a worldwide global movers tracking number. Along with the billing and shipping addresses, this also includes all the billing method information.

Using this tracking number, anybody can simply trace their order. To learn more about your order’s specifics, just browse their website and input your tracking number.

We also provide tracking services on our website, On our website, all you have to do is input your global cargo tracking order number. You can view the progress of your order once you have completed that. Using tracking number, which is given to you, you can track your order as well.

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Your screen will show the precise location, the day that your order will be delivered, and all other relevant information.

Global Cargo Customer Support

Visit their contact us page and enter your name, email address, and a message along with your inquiry to get in touch with the team of international cargo movers. Their team will respond to you with the solution in a short while. Additionally, you can contact them at the following telephone number and address:

Phone Support number: (201)384-6300
Email Address: [email protected]

Corporate Office Address: Phil Global Cargo Movers LLC (GCM), 72 S. Washington Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, USA


Can I check the current status of my order?

You can monitor the order status of your shipment using the same document number that you’ve used to monitor your order. If you were concerned that your shipment would be misplaced, you need not be since you can find out the current position of your package by making use of global cargo movers’ order tracking facility.

Can customer care department track my order?

By contacting the customer service team at global cargo movers, you can also find out the status of your order. Give them your registered phone number or email address, and they will notify you of the position of your order instantly.