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Do you have a shipment with GDEX? Enter the GDEX tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About GD Express

To offer express delivery services for the local and international markets, GD Express (GDEX) was established in 1997. It runs a network of 136 stations across East and West Malaysia, including 59 offices, 2 associate stations, 52 agents, and 23 lodge-in centers.

The company’s express delivery service is set up using a “Hub and Spoke” organizational model, in which items are collected from consumers by the branches, transported by trucks to a Central Clearing Hub for sorting, and then rerouted to their final destinations. More than 2000 people are currently employed by the group.

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This business makes use of its resources to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, both domestically and abroad, and to always offer the finest GDex tracking system for each package.

In this approach, the business offers comfort to its customers and allays their concerns over the shipping procedure. The Business always finds the most effective ways to meet the needs of its clients.

GDEX Tracking 

For the satisfaction of the customers, the GDex Tracking Malaysia service is developed to make it simple and speed up the process. First off, one of the first items shown on the landing page is an E-TRACKING sheet with a white textbox labeled Consignment Note Numbers and a numeric sequence inside.

gdex tracking
GDEX Tracking

Under the box, there is an option to use a Customer Reference number in place of the numbers, which are an example of the GDex tracking number format simulating one of your orders. The client only needs to click on the blue Tracking button after entering the codes to initiate the process.

The GDex Express tracking number format is a 10-digit numeric code that is specific to your order, and more specifically, to the particular consignment. Additionally, the GDEX tracking international service permits a maximum of 20 codes to be entered simultaneously for tracking.

Enter the tracking number to the GDEX tracking Singapore website and you will get all the information about your parcel at any stage of shipment.

You can also track your order through a third-party online tracker like This will give you real-time information and the location of your parcel.

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GDEX Customer Care

You can inquire about the status of your order by calling customer care. The GDEX staff is accessible to you in several ways. They will contact you to let you know where your merchandise is at the moment if you provide them with your registered phone number or email address.

Headquarter: Malaysia

Address: No 19 Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia.

General Line: 03-7787 2222

Hotline: 03-6419 5003



What is the GDEX delivery time?

Delivery from door to door within 24 hours in Malaysian serviceable locations. Our SDD services are specifically designed to transport exceptionally time-sensitive shipments inside Malaysia on the same day as pickup.

Does GDEX offer Cod?

For the benefit of our devoted clients, GDEX has also created a Cash-On-Delivery (COD) system that enables them to enter a brand-new industry market niche.