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Do you want to know about your Forward Air shipment? Enter the Forward Air tracking number to find out order details.

About Forward Air

Since 1990, Forward Air has contributed significantly to the North American expedited LTL and air freight areas by providing land transportation and related freight forwarding.

As a dependable, cost-effective alternative to air delivery, they offer expedited ground shipment that is “time-definite,” sending items at a certain time but under less time-sensitive circumstances.

To enhance both cost savings and customer service, Forward Air was founded. They can maintain fair prices by engaging in direct agreements with shareholders and other ground transportation businesses.

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In contrast to traditional land transportation, the company is effective in enhancing the application performance of every cargo, lowering the risk of cargo loss and damage, and shortening trip durations.

Forward Air Tracking

Forward Air freight offers tracking services to shield you from confusion regarding your shipment. International shipping, cargo, and deliveries are handled by Forward Air. Enter the Forward Air tracking information if you have it to find out the status of the package.

forward air tracking
Forward Air Tracking

The tracking number will either be on the invoice in the most familiar 8-digit format, or you’ll receive an email with it. You received the invoice when the business picked up your merchandise.

Forward Air tracking offers crucial information about the status of your order as well as the day and hour of delivery. As a result, you receive regular information on where your product is at any given time in the delivery cycle.

Using, you may monitor the status of your goods as it is transported by Forward air. Simply enter the FAA tracking number that you were provided by the company. The details pertaining to your order will eventually be shown.

You can learn a great deal about your shipment by using the tracking number. It gives you a rough time and date by which the product should arrive at its destination. It makes it simple for the receiver to be available when the shipment is delivered and to fulfill any requirements that may be necessary.

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The information includes the date and time the cargo was delivered to Forward Air, the time it departed for transportation, and the date and hour it was in transit.

Forward Air Service Locations

The company has about 2.9 million square feet of distribution centers representing forward air locations, 91 terminals, and 12 local production facilities through which they conduct business.

Forward Air Customer Service

You can also know your order tracking status by contacting the customer care department. Tell them your registered Email address or phone number, they will update you with the real-time location of your order.

Telephone Number: 800-726-6654

Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]

Fax Number: 423-783-9019

Main Office Address: 1915 Snapps Ferry Rd., Building N Greeneville, TN 37745


How do I track a package with Forward Air?

You can follow the progress of your package being shipped by forward air using On our website, all you have to do is input your tracking order number. You would be able to view the order status once you have completed that.

How tracking system helps customers?

The goal of the whole Forward Air tracking procedure is to calm clients and stop them from constantly stressing about their packages. Along with openness, it also allows customers to influence the delivery process.