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Do you have a shipment with Forex? Enter the Forex cargo tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Forex

Forex Cargo meets the needs of expatriate Filipinos who want to deliver household products, personal things, foodstuff, and presents to loved ones in the Philippines. Forex Cargo Philippines Inc. picks up, stores, unifies and transports to the Philippines via container ships for door-to-door service.

They are pleased to be the bridge that links communities from two different nations, which is why we handle each package you deliver to your friends and family with love.

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Forex strives to be fair to all customers. Packages are stacked into our vessels in the order of arrival. If a box arrives in our store after the currently scheduled container is filled, additional containers will be automatically loaded into the following scheduled vessel, on a ‘first come, first served basis.

Forex Tracking

To utilize the Forex tracking function, navigate to the ‘track’ option on their website. You will be prompted to input the forex tracking number, which will be supplied to you once your order has been confirmed. Using the Forex cargo tracking tool, you may determine the projected delivery time and date.

Forex Cargo Tracking
Forex Cargo Tracking

If this is not done, customers will have to wait for long periods. Additionally, it makes it easier for the recipient to receive the delivery in person. Additionally, the Forex cargo tracking Canada offers details like the status of the customer’s order and its full path.

This provides information on when and where their item was at various points, such as the warehouse, during transportation, and upon arrival. It also shows the current position of your package. Furthermore, clients are notified in advance if their item will be late, removing the fear that it would vanish.

Alternatively, you can use our website to track your order; all you have to do is enter your tracking number in the relevant field, and the tool will take care of the rest. The facts of your order’s current situation will be presented on the screen.

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Forex Service Location

Currently, they exclusively provide Air Cargo services to addresses in Manila and Luzon. Keep in mind that, as their services improve, Forex Cargo Australia will eventually offer Air Freight services to Visayas and Mindanao addresses.

Forex Cargo Customer Service

Forex has been working hard to react to consumer questions and assist them in every way they can. You can contact FX customer support on their website for answers to your questions.

Address: 18 Broadhurst Rd INGLEBURN, NSW 2565

Phone: 02 8777 000

Fax: 02 9826 7133

Email Address: [email protected]



What does Forex do?

Forex Cargo meets the needs of expatriate Filipinos who want to send household products, personal things, food, and gifts to family and friends in the Philippines. Forex Cargo Philippines Inc. picks up, warehouses, consolidates, and ships to the Philippines via container vessels for door-to-door delivery.

How many days is Forex Cargo Tracking Australia to the Philippines?

Timelines for delivery begin with the vessel’s departure from the port of Sydney. 5 to 6 weeks in Metro Manila. and 6 to 7 weeks in the province of Luzon. Visayas: approximately 7 to 8 weeks