Finnair Cargo Tracking | Baggage Shipment Status AWB

Do you have a shipment with Finnair cargo? Enter the Finnair cargo tracking number to see the order status.

About Finnair

One of the biggest air freight carriers in the Baltic and Nordic and region is Finnair Cargo. From its Helsinki COOL center, Europe’s best cutting-edge and digitalized air cargo terminal, it concentrates on transporting high-value items between Europe and Asia through the more direct northern route.

Two companies of the Finnair Group, Finnair Cargo Oy and Finnair Cargo Terminal Operations Oy, together make up Finnair’s cargo business segment. The combined workforce of these two businesses is about 400 people.

By providing the greatest excellent service in air cargo transportation between Asia and Europe, their objective is to become the top air freight carrier and managing business in Northern Europe.

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Modern air cargo terminals bring with them technology advancements and data tracking systems that significantly increase the openness and effectiveness of the air cargo transportation operation.

The sophisticated monitoring system transmits real-time information on every plane, and shipment to the Control Center in Helsinki. In the future, it will also track the temperature of the cargo at each stage of the route in addition to showing arrival times and associated transportation.

Finnair Cargo Tracking

The official Finnair cargo tracking system transmits real-time data to the Control Center in Helsinki, showing the position of each vehicle, aircraft, and shipment as well as arrival times and connecting flights.

Finnair Cargo Tracking
Finnair Cargo Tracking

With their online tracking service, Finnair makes it simple to follow your luggage. Valuable goods need special attention to ensure safe shipping. Very important shipments receive extra consideration.

They are handled with special security measures from acceptance to delivery, with both the recipient and the sender adhering to local laws and regulations.

One of their features is the Finnair lost baggage tracking, which ensures that if you misplace any of your packages and the company is to blame, full responsibility is accepted.

Use our online tracking tool to keep track of your shipment and cargo delivery status information. Enter the Finnair baggage Tracking AWB number.

All you must do on this website is input your Finnair tracking awb number. You will see the progress of your order once you have completed that. By using tracking number that is given to you, you can track your order as well.

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Using our website and your shipment reference number, you may also check the status of your delayed or misplaced baggage.

Finnair Service Location

The extensive network of Finnair Cargo connects more than 100 European locations with 8 North American locations and 19 Asian cities.

Finnair Cargo Customer Service

By calling the customer service department, you can also find out the status of your order. Give them your listed phone number or email address, and they will notify you of the position of your order in real time.

You can reach them by phone at the number listed below, or by email at the address shown below: 

Telephone Number: 0800-95033

Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]

Headquarters: Finnair OYJ, The COOL Nordic Cargo Hub, Turbiinikuja 4, 01530 Vantaa, Finland


Will I receive a message about my lost baggage?

The organization tries to send you a Text or email with more instructions regarding your lost luggage. If you got the notice, complete the luggage delay report by following the instructions. They will direct you to accomplish it in accordance with your goal.