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Do you have a shipment with ePacket? Enter the ePacket tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About ePacket

Third-party logistics providers in China offer a shipping alternative known as an ePacket. However, the word ePacket also refers to a more rapid and effective method of transporting packages of a smaller or medium size.

Aside from ePackets and China EMS, there was no other choice for economically transporting consumer goods around the world. However, EMS delivery times can sometimes exceed one month, especially for locations further from major hubs.

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Because of this need for a faster method of international shipping, the ePacket was developed. The ePacket service is representative of the expanding shipping industry and the increasing need for more expedient delivery options for cross-border sales.

Since ePacket returns undeliverable mail for free, it is a popular option for sellers to ship orders. This means that as soon as retailers receive returned goods, they can issue refunds to their customers.

ePacket Tracking

Our website provides real-time tracking updates so you can monitor the delivery status of your ePackets China right up until they arrive at your door.

From Hong Kong, or anywhere else in the world, all you need to do is visit the ePacket shipping tracking and enter the tracking number to see where your ePacket now is in its delivery process.

epacket tracking
ePacket Tracking

ePacket’s shipment identifier (Shipment ID) is a 13-character string. Express mail codes always have an “E” (for “Express Mail”) followed by another letter, and then either “CN” or “CS” at the end. There are 9 digits between them.

When you use 1trackings.com, you may track your forward air cargo in real-time. Enter the ePacket delivery tracking number provided to you by the shipping company to monitor the delivery’s progress. Your order details will be shown to you shortly.

If you have your ePacket tracking number, you can find out a ton of details about your shipment’s whereabouts. This will allow you to plan accordingly for when the goods are expected to arrive. Using this method, the recipient can easily make preparations to be present for the delivery and fulfil any other requirements.

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ePacket Service Locations

The ePacket system is currently accessible from 50 different countries and regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and Croatia.


Does ePacket shipping change handlers?

ePacket delivery in China is handled by several different companies. Typically, they act merely as an ePacket parcel forwarding service, meaning that they only deal with the package at the beginning of its journey before passing it on to one of their many partner couriers or logistics businesses for the rest of the way.

How long do ePackets take to deliver?

An ePacket has a typical delivery time of 15 days. From China to the United States, an ePacket usually takes between 10 and 20 days.  A package’s arrival time is ultimately determined by the location of its final destination. Shipping times for ePackets can be reduced for locations in Asia that are closer to China.