Enjaz Tracking | Track Your transfer online

Enjaz  Tracking has emerged exceptionally among market leaders positioning itself as one of the most preferred remittance users across the country like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and India.

Enjaz Remittance Tracking

If someone has sent you the money you can track it easily, through Enjaz bank.

  • First of all, open your chrome browser.
  • Search, Enjaz payment tracking.
  • Try to check their official site,Enjaz.bankalibad.com.
  • You will see different banks’ names including some Indians, Pakistani and western union, etc you have to select those banks where your friend or relative transferred money.
  • After choosing your right bank you have to open it, when you open it on the first page you will see your tracking number.
  • When you will put in your tracking number you will receive a message from your corresponding bank that where is your money, whether it has come either late or you have received it.

Enjaz remittance tracking India

Enjaz remittance tracking also works in India. Mostly the remittance that is received in India is by using EnjazMoney transferring services India. It transfers money in a few days or in less time so it is most smart so it is widely used in these countries, especially India and Pakistan you can also transfer and receive money from other foreign banks like western union easily in their currency.

Enjaz also provides an app for their users and has also provided enjaz banking cards. By using these cards you transfer money. In these cards, there is a system of CIF numbers, from this CIF number you can track your online money transfer.


  • What is the CIF number in ENJAZ CARD?

Some customers don’t know where to get this CIF number it is quite simple. you have to call this number and the Enjaz bank will provide you your CIF number …..920011541. After that, they will take some information related to your account and then they will provide you with this CIF number.

  • Where do I claim Enjaz easy transfer?

In order to claim your easy transfer, you can get your transferred amount from your nearby Enjaz bank or any other banks like in Pakistan, BOP, Allied bank, UBL, HBL, etc enjaz , while in India there are many banks that gives this service of transferring money and receiving this money from their banks.

  • How long does it take for Enjaz to transfer money?

Enjaz is basically a cool service in order to transfer or receive money from abroad or from the local area it depends upon your distance but maximum it takes 2 days to transfer its cash to their customers while in nearby or local areas it transfers money quickly.

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