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Do you have a shipment with EMS? Enter the EMS tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About EMS

Express Mail Service (EMS) is a worldwide service with several useful options. Packages sent via EMS can be dropped off at a post office or picked up from a customer’s location, among other choices.

The EMS network has the most consumer access points because of the widespread nature of the postal network in terms of the sheer quantity of post offices. Additionally, it has the best “last mile” coverage everywhere because of its premium postal delivery network.

Worldwide, the Express Mail Service name is synonymous with the quickest shipping option offered by any postal service. This premium end-to-end service for papers and items is offered by post offices in over 200 nations and territories worldwide.

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EMS Cooperative members work together to ensure that EMS services are of the highest quality and most competitive on a global scale, at prices that are accessible to consumers everywhere.

Designated operators recognized by their individual UPU member countries to provide an EMS service are eligible to join the EMS Cooperative voluntarily. Full members of the EMS Cooperative export and import EMS, and import members of the EMS Cooperative receive EMS from other members.

EMS Tracking

EMS Track makes it easy to discover the destination of a package after it has been mailed. Everything is tracked and traceable from the time it leaves the distribution centre or drop-off location until it arrives at its final destination in your neighbourhood.

EMS Tracking
EMS Tracking

No matter where in the world your cargo is, you’ll need a tracking number or other identifier to keep tabs on its progress. A tracking number or ID is typically provided by the shipping company or the online store.

Everyone with a bar code scanner or a smartphone and your shipping label can track your package’s whereabouts. When it comes to tracking packages, 1trackings.com is your best bet.

Because 1trackings.com is a worldwide service, you may use it from any location to monitor the delivery status of a shipment by entering the number and selecting the appropriate “track my parcel” option.

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EMS Customer Support

Our company’s main goal is to give our customers the best possible experience from start to finish, and we know that digital solutions are crucial to doing this. You can get in touch with them if you have any questions.

PO Box number: 312 3000 BERNE 15 SWITZERLAND

Primary Location: International Bureau Weltpoststrasse 4 3015 BERNE SWITZERLAND

Website: https://www.ems.post/en


How long does EMS shipping take?

Products shipped via EMS typically arrive within 4 business days. According to the Postal Regulations, EMS will accept items sent via international express mail. All content restrictions and foreign postal rules, including requirements for the appropriate packaging and addressing, apply to these items.

Is EMS expensive?

We have previously discussed the fact that EMS services can be prohibitively expensive. Sometimes the cost of an ambulance ride can exceed $2,000.