Ekart Tracking | Logistics Courier Live Status

Do you have a shipment with Ekart? Enter the Ekart tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Ekart

EKART, based in India, is the industry leader in supply chain management, transporting 10 million packages every single month.

EKART, Flipkart’s internal supply chain arm, was founded in 2009, and it has been instrumental in the company’s rapid expansion thanks to pioneering services like the Payment method, In-a-day assurance (in 50 locations), and Same-day assurance.

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With a revitalized purpose to improve the fundamental distribution network through technologies, EKART is now providing the same promise to Brands, Sellers, Platforms, and Consumers outside of the Flipkart Group, ensuring consistent excellence in the consumer experience.

Ekart Tracking

As the parent company of the logistics firm Ekart, Flipkart handles the delivery of over 90% of all orders. Where Ekart Logistic tracking has not yet launched, we contract with a reliable local courier service to deliver your packages.

Visit the Ekart courier tracking website and look for the “Track a Shipment” box in the middle of the page; enter the order number there.

ekart tracking
Ekart Tracking

Once all fields have been filled out, the order’s current status will be shown.

Check the progress of your order at any moment after placing it with Ekart live tracking. Your package’s precise location can be viewed at any moment using your Ekart tracking number.

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Ekart Customer Service 

Helpline Numbers: 1800 208 9898, 1800 208 1888

Email address: [email protected] 

Customer Service: [email protected].


Where can I find the Ekart refund policy?

Our email address is [email protected], so feel free to write to us if you have a query about a return. We ask that you carefully examine your shipment upon receipt, and get in touch if anything seems off.

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