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Do you have a shipment with Direct Freight Express? Enter your Direct Freight Express tracking number to find your order status.

About Direct Freight Express

Since 1993, direct freight express tracking has expanded enough. The business operates Australia’s national courier and transportation network. The fundamental tenet of developing this express tracking is to provide first-rate services to its clients and raise the standard of logistics.

Other freight company founded on three guiding principles is Direct Freight Motto Express. Its principles include offering customers expedient transportation, giving high-quality customer service, and lastly, being adaptable while dealing with various clients. With such guiding principles, Direct Freight Express quickly rises to the top of the freight shipping industry.

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Express tracking is a shipping and monitoring service for items that you have purchased from a retailer and must deliver to clients.

You can obtain purchased items from the vendor to your street location with the aid of Direct Freight Express. Your delivery is then issued a tracking number, enabling identification. The tracking number can be found on the website of the supplement’s owner.

Direct Freight Express Tracking

When someone wants to ensure that their freight arrives on schedule, tracking services are essential. They are a terrific way to stay informed because they update you on the progress of your order and let you know when delivery is expected. The first step in tracking via Direct Freight Express is to go to their website and click the link for tracking and tracing.

Direct Freight Express Tracking
Direct Freight Express Tracking

You will receive a confirmation from the business by mail and SMS after making a booking for your package using this courier service.

Once your confirmation is complete, you can follow the package by using the tracking code which was previously sent to you via SMS and email by direct freight express tracking. You can get in touch with Australia’s customer care at any time if you’ve misplaced your direct freight tracking number.

It is now simple to follow shipments from logistics providers across the world. Utilize our tracking service,, to keep track of your Direct Freight Express package and receive real-time updates about your shipment, package, and courier.

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You may track the whereabouts of your package using our website. If your delivery courier service isn’t listed yet, please email us so we can add it.

Direct Freight Customer Service

If you want to contact the direct freight customer service department, you can contact them at following number:

Customer Support Phone number: 1300 347 397

Main Office Address: 528 Cross Keys Road, Cavan, Adelaide, SA 5094, Australia

Official website:


How to find tracking number from Direct Freight Express Qatar Asia branch?

You will receive a shipment receipt from Direct Freight Express when you ship or deliver a package. Many different items, including shipping receipts, redelivery documents, online e-label records, sales receipts, and insurance receipts, may contain your Direct Freight Express tracking number.

How is Direct freight express delivery and tracking service?

With Direct freight express, individuals can be guaranteed that their package will arrive on time and in perfect shape, and they can simply stay current on their freight using their tracking services.