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About Florida Highway Safety DHSMV

Short for Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicle and located in Florida, DHSMV is also sometimes referred to as FDHSMV. As the name indicates, this department is a governmental organization, responsible for ensuring the safety of people and vehicles on the roads of Florida.

The department was initiated in 1969 and its first ever supervisor was the then Governor of the city named Claude Kirk. Later, an executive director for the department was appointed to get the department running by establishing policies and taking other necessary actions that are vital to team-building and running the department.

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The department has so far been doing a great job of protecting the public on highways and have ensuring the implementation of law. The aim of this department is to make Florida highways safe for vehicle owners as well as for the pedestrians.

Their several campaigns launched over the year help ensure a safe and sound driving practice for people and keeps them aware of the rules. All in all, the safety on highways of Florida is only possible and prevalent due to this department.

A big role they play in the proper control on highways is carried out by releasing driving licenses only to those who deserve to be placed behind the wheels.

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The department has released over 15 million driving licenses to the capable individuals and has registered up to 19 million vehicles. They also conduct efficient patrolling on roads at all times to ensure road safety. Currently, DHSMV has over 4500 employees and is conducting very effective operation throughout the state.

The department also send people’s driver licenses to the via mail if they cannot collect it themselves. The process of issuing a driver’s license is very prompt and strict. This department also issues licenses to people under the age of 18 years, provided that their parents or guardians approve of this. They also let people track the driving history of a child under 18 years and holding preteen driving license.

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Their duties also involve managing vehicle registrations record and ensure that only registered and certified cars, trucks, and bikes are roaming on the state’s highways. They also play a role in tracing the lost vehicles with the registration number provided to it and also conduct several education sessions on how to use seatbelts, first aid, and other safety services during the driving sessions.

They also keep educating the public about the laws and road signs as well as promote awareness around sober driving and traffic rules. In addition, they also keep a record of the total number of vehicle owners and what vehicle is owned by whom. This makes the insurance of law and order easier and also helps recover lost vehicles.

The fact that this department has won several accolades and praises from the government over all these years is a proof of its excellence.

Moreover, several departments of the similar nature all around the world look up to this Floridian excellence to devise effective models of working for themselves which is truly an achievement for this department. Among some awards they have won are the safety award, best productivity award, and others.

DHSMV Tracking

With several services that people like, the most amazing one is the DHSMV Tracking order and license system. This service lets people know regarding the whereabouts of their license and when they can get it. Checking your DMV Status is very easy, and you won’t have to spare more than a few minutes to do so.

There are two very easy ways you can use to track your DHSMV license. All you need is your DHSMV Tracking number, also referred to as the DHSMV Tracking Id Florida.

The first method is to go to the DHSMV Florida’s official website. Over there, search for the order tracking facility. Add your order tracking number in there and you can get the order tracked.

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The second and even simpler way is to go to the top of this page and add your order tracking number in the box above to track the order within a few seconds. Below, we are sharing the stepwise method to use our page for this purpose:

How To Track DHSMV Tracking Id In Florida?

To track your old DHSMV order you need to follow six very easy steps shared as follow:

  1. Copy your assigned DHSMV tracking number from wherever it you have saved it
  2. Now, come back to this page and go to the top
  3. On the top, you will see a box with a sentence saying track DHSMV
  4. Bring the cursor to this box and enter the tracking number you have copied earlier
  5. Click on the option below that says something along the lines of ‘track DHSMV order’
  6. Within a few moments, you will get the detailed tracking information regarding your order and where it is currently

DHSMV Customer Service

It is naturally expected of any high profile and government backed agency like DHSMV to ensure the best possible services for all those who need their services. Thankfully, this organization does not disappoint even a bit here.

The entire method of dealing with them is as easy as a breeze. Even getting your license delivered to your doorstep involved a super stress-free and smooth process with no hassle of security related issues on its way.

Some users report that their experience of getting their parcel sent by the department has been so good. The organization never left their license on the door handed it to them with the best of their behavior.

As for the online and distant services, its very easy to contact this organization and its representatives via phone and get all your queries answered. Overall, this organization is surely delivering a great experience to those who have been utilizing its services and will continue to do so in the future as well.