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Stay on top of your DGM Smartmail deliveries with real-time tracking. Our advanced system provides accurate updates, making shipping easier and more efficient.

About DGM Smartmail

DGM assumes the responsibility for accurately providing shipper’s hazardous goods notifications. DGM was started by Frank Petillon in the Netherlands in 1987. Since Frank (the company’s creator) had already made his mark, he was able to devote himself fully to the creation of Dangerous Goods programs after Air Cargo Express had become established.

From a basic IMO declaration (IMDG code ocean shipping) to the complete preparation of a laboratory’s worth of chemicals for air transport following ICAO and IATA requirements, DGM New York can handle it all. The primary technique of conveying delivery status to transporters and freight forwarding workers is through dangerous goods documentation.

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DGM’s goal is to become the most dependable service provider in the market by being wholly committed to our clients at all times. We are dedicated consultants to our clients, partners, and authorities while also being experts in hazardous products services, other packing services, training, and consulting.

DGM Smartmail Tracking 

Due to its standard techniques and rigorous quality control, as well as its large network of suppliers across Europe, DGM can consistently deliver on time and to the highest standards of quality. To begin tracking with DGM, go to their website and click the track and trace link.

DGM Smartmail Tracking
DGM Smartmail Tracking

You will receive email and text message confirmation from the courier service after booking your shipment. To see where your DGM package is in the delivery process, enter either the barcode or tracking number. Your package can be tracked anywhere in the world provided you have the appropriate DGM AWB tracking number. You may get real-time updates on the whereabouts of your consignment thanks to DGM tracking UK’s simple interface.

These days, it’s easier than ever to follow the progress of products shipped via international carriers. Check 1trackings.com to see where your DGM tracking is in transit. You can check the current location of your shipment at any moment on our site. If the delivery provider you normally use is not listed, please let us know via email.

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DGM Customer Service

You can reach DGM and learn more about how to get in touch with them on their website. In addition, DGM runs several social media accounts where they advertise deals, announce corporate news, and publish useful service details like shipping costs.

Address: 95 Newfield Avenue Suite K Edison, New Jersey 08837 USA

Phone number: 908.862.1010

Email address: Info@ DGM-USA-NY.com

Website: DGM-USA-ny.com


How does DGM classify dangerous shipments?

The correct classification of risky commodities is the first step in the safe management of such items. DGM offers a wide range of chemical testing and analysis services, as well as MSDS creation and UN categorization.

How trustworthy is DGM packing?

Historically, improper packing has been the leading cause of incidents and accidents. If you need help making sure your packages meet all shipping specifications before being handed over to the carrier, our technical experts are here to help.