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Do you have a shipment with Deutsche post? Enter the Deutsche post tracking number to find your order status.

About Deutsche Post

Deutshce Post, a German postal service, focuses in both domestic and international letter delivery along with parcel forwarding inside Germany. The business first started operating in 1995. The corporate office is in Bonn, Germany. The corporation has almost 500,000 employees.

The Deutsche Post DHL holding owns the business. Delivery of packages internationally is offered by DHL. The Deutsche Post, on the other hand, exemplifies what it means for a business to be global, with a global footprint that includes a sizable fleet of trucks and logistics company transportation.

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Before it was privatized, Germany’s official postal service, Deutsche Bundespost, is now recognized as the Deutsche Post AG, an international powerhouse in the fields of logistics management, distribution network, and delivery service. Its operational name is the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

The simple, inexpensive, quick, and dependable shipping service to more than 220 nations is called DHL Paket. You can phone one of their 13,000 outlets or Paketshops, use the network of about 2,650 Packstations and over 1,000 Paketboxes, or schedule delivery from your computer.

Deutsche Post Tracking

By going to the German Post website, you may trace the package using deutsche post dhl tracking. Open the “Sendung verfolgen” tab to accomplish this.

The company will generate a unique deutsche post tracking number for your parcel once you buy postage with Deutsche Post. You can get all the shipment tracking information on your Deutsche Post package by going to their official tracking page once you have your tracking information from Deutsche Post.

Deutsche Post Tracking
Deutsche Post Tracking

Any DHL Paket or Deutsche Post shipment can be tracked using our tracker website, which will also discover associated tracking details, translate conditions to English, and provide you an application protocols and tracking history for your delivery.

You may monitor your package at any time, from any location in the world, using our Deutsche Post paket tracking system. Each package dispatched by Deutsche Post will be assigned a special tracking number.

You can use this special code to access our website on your phone, iPad, or desktop and enter it there to get the most recent information on Deutsche Post parcel tracking.

You don’t even need to create an account; simply input your Deutsche Post tracking information to start global shipment tracking. There are no lengthy or difficult paperwork to complete.

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Deutsche Post Customer Service

You can visit the Deutsche Post company’s official site to get in touch with them and get deutsche post contact. Additionally, they have several social media profiles where they broadcast discounts, news, and crucial details regarding services like shipping offered by Deutsche Post.

Additionally, depending on the nation you are contacting from, they provide several local customer support phone lines that you can call.

Telephone Number: 0228 4333112

Contact Email: [email protected]


The Head Office: Bonn, 53113, Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. – 20

Helping Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


What is a Deutsche Post tracking number?

To trace your packages, use a Deutsche Post tracking number, which is a collection of numbers and letters. The tracking codes can be used to acquire real-time updates on the progress of your packages. A Deutsche tracking number starts with 2 capital letters, is continued by 9 numbers, and is completed with the letter “DE” at the end.