Delta Airlines Tracking | Cargo & Baggage Status

Do you have a shipment with Delta Airlines? Enter the Delta Airlines tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines, Inc., or simply Delta, operates as one of the United States airline companies and a legacy carrier. Delta Air Lines, Inc., is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating airlines.

Delta Cargo’s worldwide system is built on a foundation of consistent quality, cutting-edge product offerings, and value creation.

To better serve our clients, Delta Airlines has offered new services in the pharmaceutical industry, increased our number of international routes, and rolled out an express shipping option in 2016.

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By investing strategically in equipment and infrastructure across the system and at our Atlanta hub, we will be able to create administrative stability and free up our personnel to focus on taking care of the interests of our clients.

Delta Airlines Tracking

After purchasing with Delta, you may track your package in several different ways on their website. See the list below for details.

However, if you don’t want to navigate the Delta Airline portal or sign in and out many times, you can track your Delta Airline package directly on the Delta Airline website by providing your Delta Airlines tracking number.

delta airlines tracking
Delta Airlines Tracking

For a somewhat more expedited option, visit the Delta Airlines cargo Tracking page and click on Service support, followed by express tracking. If you want to check the status of your Delta Airline shipment, you’ll need to re-enter your tracking number.

The quickest and easiest method is to use the tracking service provided by the tracking website. Simply visit and enter your tracking number to find out where your Delta Airline baggage tracking is in the delivery process.

If you want specific details regarding your Delta Air Lines parking spot, you can get them with a single click of the enter button. Delta Air Lines displays your package’s current location, the courier’s name, and the next steps in the delivery process.

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Delta Location Service

The airline industry is dominated by Delta Air Lines. It operates from terminals in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, and Minneapolis-St. More than 170 million passengers are carried annually by Delta, it’s Northwest subsidiary, and Delta Connection carriers, who offer service to 368 destinations in 66 countries, including hubs like Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport, New York–John F. Kennedy International Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport, Amsterdam Airport, and Tokyo–Narita Airport.

Delta Airlines Customer Service

Visit the Delta Air Lines Customer Service website on to speak with a Delta Virtual Assistant or a real-life Reservations agent for instant responses to some of our most often asked questions.

Phone number: 800-221-1212.



Does Delta Airlines require a Covid test?

A negative COVID-19 test result is one of the temporary admission criteria that some places have implemented. Check out the Delta Discover Map to learn more about the testing requirements for your destination, if any, and what kind of test you’ll need to take.

How reliable is Delta as a service?

When it comes to both local and international travel, Delta is frequently regarded as one of the top airlines. Customers’ feedback led CNBC to choose Delta the top North American airline for 2021. This is based on factors including in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, booking, check-in, and service.