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Track your DDP shipments with ease using our state-of-the-art tracking system. Stay informed on delivery status and enjoy peace of mind.

About DDP 

DDP is a major European logistics provider. About 3 million packages each day are sent by the corporation to 230 different countries. DDP is successful because it responds quickly to client requests. It’s the sole service provider that guarantees arrival within one hour. 

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Package and inventory tracking are features of DDP shipping services. Products can be tracked from the moment they leave the DDP warehouse until they are delivered to their final destination using the website’s tracking system.

DDP Tracking

Once an order has been placed, the seller will offer a DDP tracking number for the buyer to use to monitor the delivery status of their DDP package. The DDP shipping tracking number is typically provided instantaneously by the seller and can be found on the eCommerce site or site where you made your purchase, or in the purchase confirmation email. After completing payment, please review your order history in the “My Orders” section of the website.

DDP Tracking
DDP Tracking

Typically, a DDP tracking number will have 11-15 digits, comprising both digits and letters. DDP parcel tracking details should be available in the international shipping area of the DDP courier tracking website.

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How long does it take for DDP delivery?

Shipping through DDP air freight usually takes between 7 and 12 days to arrive. The transit time for DDP sea freight is around 25 days, and the transit time for DDP rail freight is around 16 days.

What do DDP tracking numbers look like?

Standard 12-digit tracking numbers look like this: 000-486-000-395. On the other hand, it may be 10 digits. 14 digits long.

Can I get door-to-door service from DDP?

Users of DDP services have several delivery choices. Your parcel can be delivered to your home or place of business, or you can choose to pick it up from your local DPD depot.