Czech Post Tracking | International Courier Status

Do you have a shipment with Czech Post? Enter the Czech Post tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Czech Post

Delivery of mail is handled by Czech Post, a state-owned enterprise with headquarters in Prague. Czech Post has more than 29,000 personnel and more than 3,822 post offices, allowing them to deliver packages domestically and internationally to more than 220 countries.

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Czech Post Tracking

In addition to the obvious convenience of being able to track your packages in real-time, Ceska Posta makes it possible to do so through their official website.

Czech Post Tracking
Czech Post Tracking

The starting point for every Ceska Post Tracking number is a two-letter prefix. Payment for this service is indicated by the letters and numbers following the colon. The BE prefix is used for expedited services. For both Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the suffix GB is used in Ceska Post international tracking.

You can use the tracking number that Ceska Posta will send you by text message, email, postage form, or even a postcard to access the tracking information and follow the package’s journey from start to finish on the website.

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Czech Customer Service 

Ceska Posta has a customer service hotline where you can ask any questions you have at any time.

Local phone number: 800 104 410

International phone number: +420 954 292 103

Email address: [email protected]


Does Ceska Posta deliver internationally?

Ceska Posta’s services are not limited to the borders of the Czech Republic. More than 120 nations benefit from their shipping services. Ceska Posta divides its foreign packages into two categories, depending on whether or not the recipient’s country is in Europe.