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Do you have a shipment with CJ Century? Enter the CJ Century tracking number to see your order details.

About CJ Century

The CJ Century, which takes special care in creating logistics, must be among the best organizations for logistics. Founded in 1988, CJ Logistics Malaysia amalgamated with CJ Group in 2006. It continued to grow its business after purchasing the EC in 2008.

Century Logistics became a New Company of CJ Logistics in 2016. In Malaysia, we are quickly becoming the industry leader in integrated transportation.

Leading service supplier of supply chain services is CJ Century. The Group, which started out as a freight agent in the 1970s, has since expanded into oil logistics, procurement logistics, integrated logistics, and information management solutions.

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The unique value-added option model used by CJ Century includes storage and transportation services which can be scaled and adjusted to meet the needs of customers depending on the demand and delivery service needs for their goods.

They ensure that customers always have a wonderful time and get the task done in the quickest and best possible manner, without any difficulty, using the ideas and the commitment to match the client’s expectations.

CJ Century Tracking

CJ Century provides their own tracking service, known as the CJ Century tracking Singapore, for monitoring your order promptly and providing you with minute-by-minute notifications, as well as the whole order detail to cope with any trouble.

CJ Century Tracking
CJ Century Tracking

By accessing the track code on their website, you can view this tab. As long as the window is open, you must enter the CJ Century tracking number. Once finished, simply select a track to quickly obtain all the information you require. As a result, the CJ Century logistics Tracking system must be exceptionally seamless and simple to use.

There is no doubt about why CJ Century is the best spot for you to go given the various logistical alternatives accessible and CJ Century tracking Malaysia at your fingertips.

Our website may be used to track CJ Century packages, and the procedure is as easy as it seems. Only your tracking information or reference number, which you may have got from the business, needs to be entered. You may find out the status of your shipment as well as the anticipated delivery date and time by clicking Track.

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CJ Century Customer Service

Customer service at CJ Century can be reached at any time. You only need to send an email, SMS, or message. You will receive prompt assistance from the personnel, and you can deal with any problems you may be having.

Their contact information is:

Phone: 1700-81-8282 

Email: [email protected]

FAX: +603 3385 5999

Head Office Address: No.12, Persiaran Astana / KU2, Bandar Bukit raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


How does CJ Century parcels tracking work?

Based on the services offered, CJ Century has many expert teams to manage your packages and get them to their destination. To trace the progress of your shipment, enter the tracking code, which should be between 10 and 40 digits long and may be found on the CJ Century shipping invoice, and click Track.

Which website can be used for CJ Century tracking?

You can use 1trackigs.com to track your CJ parcel, if you want accurate information of your parcel’s current location.