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Experience seamless shipping with Ciblex’s advanced tracking system. Stay informed with real-time updates and ensure the safe arrival of your packages

About Ciblex

Ciblex is a French business-to-business express shipping service. Founded in 1977, Ciblex was acquired from GEODIS in 2014 by the French Walden group, a major leader in European logistics. Ciblex has decided to focus on the needs of experts, providing them with a devoted and dependable network. To cater to professionals’ needs, one must be able to expedite deliveries and keep schedules flexible.

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Ciblex has been in business for over 50 years, during which time they have become experts in many fields, including optics, delicate items, medical products, urgent shipments, high-value goods, etc., and now they provide express shipments across the territory with the quickest deadlines on the market.

Ciblex Tracking

Tracking your packages is a top priority for Ciblex, whether you’re shipping within France or over the world. Accurate real-time tracking information is included with every shipment, so you can always know exactly where your delivery is.

Ciblex Tracking
Ciblex Tracking

If you want to check on the whereabouts of a product quickly, just type the barcode into the box provided. As a result, you may monitor your package’s whereabouts and progress in real-time using the most accurate information currently accessible. Ciblex Belgium tracking don’t charge for this service. If you have an Ciblex express tracking account number, you can enter your private area on

Order, monitor on-time pickups, rearrange deliveries in the event of delays, keep up with Target, network, and industry news, and more with this free service that lets you track deliveries and interventions using a reference number or the barcode on the product itself.

If you have your ciblex order number, you can check on it in real-time on

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Ciblex Customer Service

At ciblex, we have helpful support staff standing by to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach the responsive support staff at ciblex via email or a toll-free tracking number. Here you’ll find the solutions you’re looking for and the directions you need to get there.

Address: Ciblex Belgium. Leuvensesteenweg 518 A B-1930 Zaventem.

Telephone number: +32 (0)2 717.05.50.

Fax: +32 (0)2 720.29.09. 

Email address: [email protected].



How fast does Ciblex deliver?

The quickest express shipping timeframes are overnight the following day and before 8 a.m., 9 a.m., and 12 p.m. Pick the shipping option that works best for your products and the needs of your consumers in France and beyond.

Where do Ciblex shine?

Expertise in fields like healthcare, optics, high technology, automotive, industrial spare parts, and communications has been created by Ciblex. With their tailored industry approach, you can account for the nuances of your market as they match your business and your customers with a quick delivery solution that’s ideal for both of you.

What is the weight range of Ciblex?

Get the help you need in a pinch with Ciblex and select the delivery option that best fits your needs and the needs of your receivers. Ciblex provides a variety of express delivery options for products weighing up to 30 kg, with service hours that work around your business clients’ schedules.