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Do you have a shipment with Chronopost? Enter your Chronopost tracking number to find out your order status.

About Chronopost

French corporation Chronopost is a part of Le Groupe La Poste, which also controls the DPD organization. Le Groupe La Poste uses Chronopost to transport express packages to both local and foreign locations.

Despite having its headquarters in France, Chronopost also maintains operations outside in Morocco, the Ivory Coast, as well as other nations.

However, most of its service centers are in France and other parts of Europe. With an infrastructure of 9,700 local pick-up stations in France and 36,000 across Europe, Chronopost is an expedited delivery service today.

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To provide the greatest logistic services for people and businesses, Chronopost takes pride in ensuring that they satisfy the highest standards of quality service, consider both present and future issues, and commit to continuing to innovate.

Next-day service is one of the delivery options provided by Chronopost in France; this service is absent in certain other nations. The next day delivery is determined by the delivery location. You can also track orders in France using Chronopost tracking France feature. However, tracking services are available for all locations.

Chronopost Tracking

You must sign into the homepage to access your profile and track with Chronopost. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to locate your account information before looking through the recently sent orders to select the order you want to track.

chronopost tracking
Chronopost Tracking

To allow for independent monitoring of the shipment, the sender is required to provide the invoice with the Chronopost tracking code. The client can always find out the position of the parcel because it runs in real-time.

The Chronopost parcel tracking system uses contemporary technology to incorporate the data. As a result, you can see the parcel status right away.

It is a vital function since the system alerts the recipient if there are any issues with the package, such as damage, diversion, or loss. As a result, it reduces shipping-related risks, which ultimately results in time and cost savings.

However, visiting our website is a more user-friendly option to monitor a package. You are not required to create an account, log in, or provide any personal details.  You may instantly see the position and status of your dispatched parcel on-screen by entering your Chronopost tracking number.

Our website ensures that you will receive notifications of location and state events that are as real-time as possible. Try the best tracking program from our website to monitor one Chronopost package or ten packages being handled by ten different couriers at once.

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There are options on our website such as Chronopost tracking Portugal specifically for Portugal customers also there is another option for UK clients to track their order using Chronopost tracking UK.

Chronopost Customer Service

You can get in touch with Chronopost by phone or email. The teams will respond to your message privately if you submit a personal message (which is frequently preferable, particularly if you are sharing a tracking number or other sensitive information).

You simply need to contact Chronopost before submitting your inquiry if you want to communicate privately.

Phone number: +33 (0)969 391 391


Can I track a Chronopost package without a tracking number?

Currently, without tracking information, it is impossible to track your package. To facilitate the procedure, the Chronopost package’s recipient and the sender should both receive the tracking details.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Chronopost?

Overseas parcel express delivery is a specialty of Chronopost. Depending on the sender’s position, it can take 2 to 5 days for a package to arrive from abroad.