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Do you have a shipment with Canadian postal? Enter the Canadian postal tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About Canadian Postal 

When it comes to serving Canadians, Canada Post has one goal in mind: to offer them a product they can count on and appreciate.

Delivery of mail and packages to every Canadian resident and business is guaranteed within 2–4 working days, and the postal service has an enormous network that includes letterboxes, the internet, call centers, and more.

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Canadian Postal Tracking

Get your package’s whereabouts with Canada Post’s tracking service To check on the status of your Canada Post package, all you require is the unique tracking number and access to the Canadian Postal Service’s official website.

canadian postal tracking
Canadian Postal Tracking

The Canada freightway tracking number will be included in the email or on the receipt that the seller or marketplace sent you when you made your purchase.

You may obtain the most up-to-date information on the status and whereabouts of your package irrespective of whether you are the buyer or the seller by utilizing the internet package tracking service.

Canada Post passport tracking numbers are alphanumeric sequences that provide information about the delivery’s whereabouts and progress through the postal service. The standard-length ranges from 13 to 16 characters.

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Canadian Post Customer Service

Canada Post provides phone and social media support in case you have questions about your package. The specifics are provided below:

Phone number: 1-866-607-6301 (for domestic calls)

416-979-3033 (for international calls)


Where can I find my Canada Post tracking number?

Your Canada Post tracking number will be included on the shipping label, receipt, or emailed or texted to you. Parcel tracking numbers for domestic shipments should be 16 digits in length.