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Operation since 2014, blowhorn tracking has changed the whole dynamic of transportation of logistics in India. From door-to-door service to international shipments, everything looks smooth when you use the blowhorn. In this article, we will be talking about Blowhorn and let you know how it helps customers.

Area of Coverage-Blowhorn Tracking

Although the company’s headquarters are in India, its services are now available everywhere Like VRL Tracking. It’s important to remember that while you can ship items from any other country to India, you cannot send foreign goods to other foreign countries. The company has branches in almost all the big cities of India where 24/7 service is available.

Payment Methods

The most common issue that logistics companies face is the payment gateways. But Blowhorn company has come up with the idea of multiple payment gateways. Following are the method through which clients can pay for their booking and shipments.

  • UPI
  • Cash
  • Paytm
  • Net Banking
  • Credit or debit card

The customer can pay through any of the above-mentioned payment gateways and get the receipt. Make sure to receive the tracking ID while paying for your orders.

During the booking process, the company will show you the options for vehicles. You will have to choose one vehicle that suits your needs. Moreover, the cost per vehicle is different. Carefully choose the best vehicle for your transportation purposes.

Prohibited goods-Blowhorn Courier Tracking

The Blowhorn tracking company follows the rule defined by the government of India. Following are the goods that the company doesn’t ship as they don’t fall under the safe category of goods instructed by the government of India.

  • Chemicals
  • Construction material
  • Dangerous/ Inflammable goods
  • Unpacked fragile items

Warehouse facility-Blowhorn logistics

Blowhorn logistics tracking company provides warehouse services to customers. In the warehouse, packaging the delivery of products is done at reasonable prices. Many customers of Blowhorn use the warehouse for storage purposes.

Blowhorn Apps

The company has launched a blowhorn application which all the information about vehicles, loading compacity of different containers, and cost per vehicle. Customers can even book their number by using the android app of Blowhorn courier tracking.

Blowhorn Courier Customer Service

Telephone numb: +911140849988
Email Address: [email protected]
Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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