Bilal Cargo Tracking

No matter if you’re sending logistics from Karachi to Peshawar or Islamabad to Lahore, Bilal cargo tracking company has got your back. Having accurate data about the logistics is no less than a blessing. Safety is the priority for a client, and Bilal’s online cargo & logistics tracking service ensures the safety of parcels, couriers, and logistics.

Introduction of Bilal Cargo Tracking Company

The company has branches in all the big cities in Pakistan. If you’re traveling from one city to another, you may need to take your luggage as well. The usual transport carriers charge higher and do not ensure safety.

Bilal cargo tracking provides services at comparatively lower prices. Your shipments will reach their destination in a few working days. Moreover, the company is operational 24/7, which means that you won’t have to wait for working days.

Apart from shipping, the company offers transport services all over Pakistan. If you use their transport system, then your luggage will also be shipped with your booked bus.

The company claims to ship all types of logistics. No matter if you need to ship small boxes, parcels, packages, and palettes or big logistics or containers, the company has got you secured. The timely delivery with 100% security is what makes Bilal’s online cargo tracking company unique.

Branches and Contact Details

The head office is located in Peshawar. All the bookings and logistics deals are done at the head office. The exact address of the head office is as follows

Grand Trunk Rd, Waris Abad Albadar Town, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Another head office is located in Punjab to serve the people of the province of Punjab. Here is the exact address

Sodiwal Kot Kamboh, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan.

Following are the contact details of the official through whom you can contact and book your number.

Moible: +92 331 1417779

Phone: +92 42 111 287 444

If you are not from Peshawar then make sure to check the branch’s name. If Bilal travel and cargo has its branch in your city, visit them to get the required information

  • Bilal cargo Lahore tracking
  • Bilal cargo Multan tracking
  • Bilal cargo Sahiwal tracking
  • Bilal cargo Karachi
  • Bilal cargo Rawalpindi
  • Kohistan bilal daewoo


Bilal Cargo tracking company is considered a reliable source of travel and shipment tracking. By using the tracking ID provided by the company, you can track the delivery of your logistics through our website.

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