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Overview of ASL Distribution

ASL Distribution is not just a company that provides transportation but also a company that provides its customers with warehousing facilities. ASL has been providing logistics services to its customers since over 60 years.

Working for over more than six decades has given them the experience required to provide knowledgeable and reliable logistics solution to customers. They also take care of all the customers’ shipping, distribution, and warehousing needs.

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It is a one stop shop for all services. A customer will not have to go to different companies for their supply chain solutions. By going and booking order with ASL Distribution they can easily get all the services from booking the order to delivering the product.

If a company partners with ASL Distribution their packages and delivery will be customized according to the needs of the customers or business. Moreover, the team of ASL Distribution makes sure that they take care of each order personally in order to provide utmost care to the order.

asl tracking

ASL Distribution has trained its team in a way that it is able to meet the ever changing needs of it customers. They not only aim on satisfying their customers but also exceeding their expectations.

ASL Distribution is able to show its dedication by starting with a very detailed review of the strategic logistics of the businesses they are providing logistical services to. They review the entire supply change of their customers and provide services by going to the last mile that is the delivery of the product for your brand.

ASI Distribution not only moves boxes from one location to another, but it also tries to make a positive impact amongst other companies which are in the same industry as theirs. They also try to create a difference through their interaction with the community they are serving in.

Their business model is based on trust as well as flexibility. ASL Distribution is flexible in terms of providing services to customers. They try to provide different needs of their customers leaving little to no margin for them to complain.

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ASL Distribution’s mission is R5. There are 5 Rs that shape the mission of the company. These 5R’s are:

  • Right place which means they deliver the products to its right destination;
  • Right product that is their mission is to deliver the correct product according to the needs and demands of customers;
  • Right condition which means no matter how fragile the product is they make sure that it is delivered without any damage;
  • Right attitude which means they deliver products with optimism and their attitude is solely for the betterment of their customers;
  • Right time that is their mission is to provide timely deliveries for the convenience of their customers.

ASL Distribution Services

ASL Distribution has come up with e-commerce solution for its customers. They ensure that e-commerce solutions for companies are ready within 3 weeks. They make sure to get your brand through all the orders during holidays or when there is a major influx of orders.

The in house IT workers of ASL Distribution can easily integrate e-commerce platforms to get an e-commerce business running in full swing. Furthermore, ASL Distribution eliminates all the hassle associated with international shipping and fulfills all your online orders within every market directly.

ASL has been handling the deconsolidation as well as consolidation needs of their customers due to which an asset based fleet was created. They now have fleets of tractor as well as trailers that cover multiple areas between United States of America and Canada. ASL Canada tracking is providing all the facilities to their customers to track their shipment easily.

Their services also include Supply Chain solutions. All the transportation and freight needs are taken care of by the logistical solutions provided by ASL Distribution Services. Moreover, no matter what the size or shape of the package is, ASL makes sure that it is transported to the recipient regardless.

Moreover, it provides door to door delivery which significantly reduces any chance of error or damage. In this way there is also less chance of the order being lost or misplaced as each parcel is taken care of personally.

ASL Tracking

No matter how good quality service or timely service a freight or transportation company provides, in the end it all comes down to the ASL cargo tracking service of the company as people need to make sure their deliveries are secure and safe.

Keeping the security needs of customers in mind, ASL Distribution provides its customers with tracking facility through which a customer can get to know multiple details regarding their orders.

asl tracking

In order to avail the tracking facility, you need to enter the tracking number in the text box under the ‘track your shipment’ tab on their website. This tracking number is provided to you at the time you book your order along with the receipt consisting of your shipping and billing details.

Through ASL tracking you get to know the tentative date and time at which your package will be delivered to your door step. In this way you can stay prepared before hand and make any necessary arrangements required for it.

Moreover, you also get a detailed itinerary of your order which tells the date and time at which your order was at different locations at different date and time. This prevents you from the stress of worrying about your package and prevents you from the uncertainty as well.

The entire purpose of the tracking facility is to give customers the peace of the mind they need. The ASL shipping line tracking facility gives them the transparency as nothing is hidden from them. It also gives them a control over the entire delivery system as they are aware of each and every step in the delivery cycle their package goes through.

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Lastly, customers are informed before hand in case their delivery is running late. They also get the location at which the package is stuck so that the customers know when to expect their orders. It makes it easy for customers to make alternate arrangements in case of urgency.

ASL Customer Service

ASL customer service has built relationship with its customers over the six decades they have been in the transportation and freight industry. You can send your message or ask your query by filling a form with your personal details and your message. Their customer support team will reach out to you within a day.

You can also contact the customer support of ASL Distribution on the following number and address:

For package tracking

CALL: 905-393-1442
TOLL-FREE: 1-833-275-3478

General Queries

CALL: 1-800-387-7995



ASL Distribution Services Limited.
2160 Buckingham Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6M7

General Inquiries: 905-829-5141
General Inquiries (TF): 800-387-7995
Fax: 905-829-8988