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Do you have a shipment with APC? Enter the APC overnight tracking number to check the current status of your shipment.

About APC Overnight

If you’re sending a package overnight because it’s crucial, you should choose APC Overnight.  APC are expert in on-time deliveries and will see to it that your delivery arrives safely and in perfect shape.

In the United Kingdom, APC operates the largest standalone delivery network with 105 nodes. More than a hundred self-employed, entrepreneurial couriers and collectors make up APC, making it the largest parcel delivery network in the world. Since 1994, we’ve been satisfying the needs of our many small and medium-sized business clients.

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When it comes to shipping perishable, liquid, and high-value items, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses rely on APC. APC also offers a specialized delivery service for perishable goods, such as live fish and coral, through its APC Delivery Network.

Shipping perishables like flowers and food is a breeze with their specialized Fragile Service. Sorting of fragile products is done manually, without the use of any sorting machines. Beverages and other liquids are well-suited for transport with APC’s Liquid Service. Separate cages house each type of item for optimum security.

APC Overnight Tracking

APC tracking UK and APC tracking Canada keep track of fragile, security, and liquid items. Simply enter your package’s APC tracking number and delivery zip code into APC’s online tracking system at APC-overnight.com.

APC Overnight Tracking
APC Overnight Tracking

Use the order number provided to you by APC Direct. Please visit the “My Account” section of our site, log in (or create an account with us if you haven’t already), and then navigate to the “My Orders” section to see your APC number. Your confirmation email also includes this number.

Our map, which is updated frequently, is available at this link. Find out where the delivery driver has stopped and how far away, they are from the customer. You will find out the source’s current location, the recipient’s name, and the reason for any delays in the shipment’s delivery.

Accessing the whereabouts of your APC package is a breeze with the use of our online tracker service, 1trackings.com. All you need is your APC tracking number.

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APC Overnight Customer Service

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact APC at any time. You can do this by sending them an email or giving them a call.

APC Overnight Contact number: 0800 37 37 37

Email Address: https://apc-overnight.com


What if you missed an APC delivery?

If you have received a “Sorry we missed you” card or an email indicating that an attempt was made to deliver your package, you can use our APC Called tool to reschedule your delivery or arrange for pickup from your nearest APC depot.

What time does APC Overnight deliver?

When reserving a delivery with APC Overnight, the customer can choose from a variety of services to meet their needs. This is often for next-day delivery by 9 am, 10 am, 12 pm, or 4 pm (Monday to Friday).

Does APC use Royal Mail?

Drop your mail off in our courier pack, and we’ll pick it up with your packages at no extra cost to you. After that, we’ll have Whistle sort, process, and turn over your mail to Royal Mail for delivery.