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Do you want to know about your Amazon shipment? Enter Amazon tracking id to check the order status.

About Amazon

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded the Seattle-based American business Amazon. It currently dominates the worldwide e-commerce market. Prior to introducing its product selection and offering international shipping, Amazon began as an online bookstore.

In 1997, the first processing facilities for the Amazon distribution systems were established in Delaware and Seattle. Presently, Amazon operates a variety of distribution facilities, such as cross-dock facilities, sorting facilities, and delivery facilities.

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Amazon has had tremendous growth and success from its modest beginnings, earning the firm a spot among the top five US corporations, along with Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

Amazon Tracking

Your order will be picked, packed, and sent by Amazon, and you will receive a unique tracking number after that. This ID is verified and sent back to you as the package travels through various locations, providing you a thorough real-time view of where your products all the time. Each order includes an Amazon tracking number, which is sent through email and appended to the order page.

Amazon Tracking
Amazon Tracking

With the Amazon tracking ID or reference number, customers can verify the locations of their Amazon packages via the Amazon app. Customers will be able to view a map that displays the real-time position of their Amazon packages. The buyer may use this option quite so many times as they like, and it is available all the time.

Utilize’s tracking technology to track Amazon package. You can be sure that you will get progress reports on the Amazon items’ present location and time thanks to its all-encompassing tracking. Simply enter your Amazon tracking number on the website to complete the process.

You can ask for a tracking number if the vendor has specified a specific courier. You can obtain the most recent information on the whereabouts of your package by copying the tracking number and pasting it onto our website,

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Amazon Customer Service

You can contact Amazon Customer Care via their website, email, or phone with any inquiries you may have regarding tracking or related difficulties. On their website, live representatives will be ready to help you.

Phone number: 1-888- 280-4331

Email address:[email protected] (for queries relating to account billing)

                         [email protected] (for general questions)

Official website:


Do customers have to sign in to amazon account to track order?

Amazon began requiring consumers to be logged into their accounts as of April 2021 to receive status updates. Use the Amazon import option in our app to keep tracking your packages and be sure you select “keep my signed in” throughout the sign-in procedure to enable future tracking status updates.

How to track a package on Amazon?

You must obtain a tracking information or Amazon order number from the confirmation email that was sent to you. Then, you may securely track your package by inserting your tracking information or Amazon purchase number into the search bar on our site,