AFreight Tracking | Cargo Shipment Status HK

Do you have a shipment with AFreight? Enter the AFreight tracking number to check the current status of your parcel.

About AFreight

Companies of the AFreight Group are committed to meeting the transport requirements of Filipino and Indonesian ex-pats. AFreight facilitates door-to-door delivery of packages and personal goods for Filipinos living overseas.

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AFreight hk would collect the items from Hong Kong residents’ houses, load them into standardized carton boxes (known as “balikbayan boxes”), and send them to Manila, where they’d be forwarded again by AFreight’s distribution agency to all regions of the Philippines.

AFreight Tracking

Customers can now monitor the progress of their balikbayan boxes in real-time with the help of AFreight Track.

This saves them the trouble of calling helplines and making trips to branches to track the progress of their packages. Pick the purchase you want more information on and you should be sent to a page detailing your purchase.

afreight tracking
Afreight Tracking

Using AFreight cargo tracking, you may check on your shipment’s whereabouts by entering the tracking number or selecting it from a list.

By inputting their AFreight tracking number on the website, customers can easily keep tabs on the status of their foreign shipments. When you place an order online, you can check its progress through this system with ease.

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AFreight Customer Service

Phone number: (02) 8820 8181


When can we expect the package to arrive?

It takes a ship 14 days to arrive in Metro Manila from the Hong Kong port. From the time a ship leaves Hong Kong for the Philippines, it takes 30 days to reach Mindanao.

What kinds of things are not allowed in a balikbayan box?

Shipments containing the following things are prohibited: valuables (including jewellery and money), automobiles (or vehicle parts), weapons, and explosives.

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